Introductions begin somewhere.

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  1. Introductions begin somewhere. My apologies if I should be posting this in a different thread... Im really fucking stoned right now.

    Anyways, I decided just about 5 minutes ago, that its finally time to make an account on this amazing website. I have read a lot of the posts that I was able to, and I just never thought I should join..

    But then, i thought... Wait, Grasscity. Peace Plant. And i felt like an idiot.

    My name, is Austin.
    My Username, I wanted to be DiggityDiggityDANK but could not, because it was too many letters. So I went with what I got now.
    I smoke dank buds almost all the time. Rag and Shwagg, only come in times of dry.

    Be cool with me, and lll be cool to you.

    I've been smokin since I was 14, and just recently turned 18. 4 yaers may not be a long time, but since I began, i was the biggest pothead I knew.

    Iunno what else to say... Except... Who wants to see the buds I be smokin now? :D
  2. SHOW ME YOUR TITS! Oh wait... I mean the buds you're smoking on. And welcome to the city, usually people don't post intro's in the seasoned tokers section, but its not my place to decide what belongs where :p
  3. I just decided to make an account today too, so I might as well post my first time right now!

  4. Been here long, just too young to show my face.

    Well, you can do me the favor of playing my little game, and posting on this. It has a couple pictures of the buds. :D

    And Thanks btw
  5. Welcome let me be the first noob to welcome you with a complementary Internet doobie..... I can't find the gif so use your ivagination!
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    ^I bet he's a dude, probably doesnt have one of those

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