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  1. well, i already posted a few threads and didnt even think to introduce myself, lol, how rude of me.......anyways, i live in Erie, PA, started smokin about 5 months ago so im still kinda new....dopnt own any glass yet, only home-brew bongs. i do however plan on buying a bowl soon, seen 1 tht i fell in love with, lol.....and i also play xbox LIVE, a lil bit of CSS here n there, airsoft, and i love my music.......thts pretty much it
  2. hi and that was nice I am the same I have been toking about a year now and I don't really do much, OH i disc golf and play rugby and hang with my buddy alot
  3. Nice to meet u shadow, hows ur day goin? even tho its nite here lol
    Well since everyone else is doing it..

    Now i feel rude cos i havent introduced my self.

    I'm theduckbeast, the duck for short ;)

    12 months smokin over here i think but i had my first when i was well younger..

    Im in australia and im a ps3 freak :D

    The Duck.
  4. there's literally a total different section specifically for this.

    but welcome :smoking:
  5. nice to meet u duck!, i still havent gotten around to gettin a ps3 yet, but will in due time........ill always be an xbox fanboy but gotta send mine in soon for RROD......but ya, it must b nice in AUS.....i had the chance to go there b 4, and was about to go, but then 911 happened and scared the fuck outta me......

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