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  1. Hello, My_Lawn_Was_My_Clan was the first appropriate opinionated username I could think of. Before I ever smoked marijuana I remember seeing pictures online, learning in middle school elective classes, and noticing some type of quality of hemp-like young plants on my way to school while walking through "shortcuts" in the neighborhood. Those plants are no longer wild and there is actual lawn there now. The first time I smoked weed I had just been 13 socializing with local high-school students while riding on a razor scooter. I did not get high for some reason, but I pretended to act kinda so as if an act when I heard that riding my scooter would be a lot more fun after smoking weed. Word was that people generally don't get high the first time they smoke because of some biological function involving what is allowed from the bloodstream to the blood brain barrier once it is recognized. So the first time I toked with peers was more around my 14th birthday just around the time I had begun 9th grade. That was a really long time ago, I am 28 now, and Marijuana legalization laws here and there, in other words, are not the same as in the past. I am glad to find a forum that I once lurked at on a home computer screen still online. In other words I'm just bored.
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  2. Welcome to the City.
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  3. hey man welcome
    that's not a good state; gotta get creative :)
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  4. Welcome to the City! Hope we can help with the boredom.
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  5. Welcome to the forum Lawn
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  6. I remembered this forum especially well due to a emphasis on "MiracleGro" from an old thread, when reading. I noticed more than one grower using Miracle Gro for indoor plants. That was a really long time ago. I saw plants in real life again too so it makes sense why I then thought of miracle grow.
  7. Welcome to the city.

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