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Introduction + Question on NM Bud

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by ameangreenbean, Feb 7, 2014.

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    hello! My name is Ashley and I'm new to the forum.. I'm 25, been smoking for 8 years.

    I'm currently living in New Jersey but I'm looking to move back to New Mexico. I haven't lived there since I was kid, way before I started smoking. I've visited several times as an adult and picked up some bud there but it was always pretty low grade, possibly because I was forced to go through strangers. I'm used to pretty dank bud in Jersey - not the BEST but definitely a far cry from seedy shake.

    Is there good bud to be had in Santa Fe? maybe Taos? I mean, I know there's banging bud in every city but sometimes it's impossible to find.. Is New Mexico general quality standard just lower than what I'm accustomed to?

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    I've wondered this same thing as I've had plans to move to Santa Fe. I hope it's decent, I've heard rumors of legalization for New Mexico so I'm sure then it will be quality fo sho. 
    Also, welcome to the city!
  3. Welcome first of all!  I don't live in NM but I'm sure there is good bud there.  The trick is to ask around...I assume you will have a job??  Find the 420 friendly people and just ask.  You'll probably have to try diff connects until you find the primo, but good weed is everywhere my friend.
  4. Talk to different people and just buy weed from other peoples connects. It may take a little while, but there's always a dank connect.

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  5. Unless things have changed--hopefully they have--I'm thinking a lot of the weed that makes it into New Mexico still comes from south of the border, which as we know is usually varying degrees of schwag. (Worst weed I ever bought was off the street in Santa Fe, though that was 10+ years ago.)
    NM is a mmj state, though as I understand it the rules are pretty strict.
    And if one ever got REALLY desperate, one might take a trip up to Colorado--as long as one didn't do anything foolish on the return.

    P.S. I love (Northern) New Mexico, been there many times. Some beautiful scenery around there.

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