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introduction from texas

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by 87rx7chick, May 27, 2009.

  1. my name is jessica, and i live in texas

    last week i started my grow project, i am a hobbiest with to much spare time and i adopted this new hobby of indoor growing, sure i could grow anythingg but i chose weed, its by far more exciting then waiting for a tomato to ripen.

    before last night, i had not smoked pot in over 2 years. no real reason, just didnt. but as of last night i can say all my stress seemed to melt away.

    the stress of being a landlord renting out to 3 people and needing a 4th, building a wall with a door to creat a 4th room. and not knowing if you'l have some one in the room to pay rent. rather stressfull at times.

    not to mention realizing my car insurence company lied and instead of 2 months i have 2 days to pay to renew my car insurence. and i found this out AFTER i bought a really cool new bubbler, and some growing supplies.
    oh how the world can play cards.

    but needless to say the anxiety of it all melted away last night as i officialy started smoking again:hello:
    and while all my anxiety was lifted, i was able to figure out what to do about car insurence and stop worrying so much about something so silly.
  2. welcome, goodluck!

    I could see how seeing a plant bud would be more exciting then a tamatoe ripening
  3. Where in Texas are you and what are you renting out? And I assume since you are growing that a grow op would be cool with you anyway right? Not to be prying or sketch just askin.

  4. pm sent.

    its a low key op of cource. my mom ownes the house and periodicly comes in if she bought me food or such. so smell is a HUGE factor!
    expeicaly since its her house and she could be liable? fun, i can already hear her yelling at me in a distance.
  5. Sounded like a stressful moment. but hell yeah fix it with a hit!
    and texas is coool. or wierd i should say.

    this weather is ment for indoor growing. and the madrea should duce, those kind of things are a no no ha
  6. im from texas as welll and i has a nevilles haze seeed and unfourtanetly got WAY to anxious and started growing indooors early, that wasnt the problem.
    the problem was i moved out of dalllas to the county and had no where to put it, i found a shed at a friends house and since it was almost night and about to enter its 6 hours of darkness i was thinking no big deal with texas hot weather, right?

    it freezed that night.
    last freeze of the year for us.

    and of course my lil baby passsed :eek:
  7. damn texas.

    i feeel like when weed becomes legal its going to be the hardest to pass it here.
  8. Welcome Jessica and good luck with the grow project!

  9. dude, yeah. like random as fuck freezing weather tooo. its almost summer and the weather man on fox said saoomething about a cold front?! lol like wtf
  10. helll yeah and i live in apartments so im just saying fuck it and am going to start a grow op and just do it smart and elimnate the odor.

    what bud is going around your part of texas man?
  11. hahah for reallzz, the appts are the way too go.

    right now i have a guy helping my area out with straight up medical weed friom cali,
    but i have some super silver hase, sour diesel, afgan cush? it tastes soooo good though
    someone btought over to me
  12. Welcome nice lady, good to have you here.

  13. coool coool.
    i love super silver haze man, its one of my fave just bc it puts you on the couch and makes your ass sit there
    are you in north central or south texas if you dont mind.
    im in north texas
    dfw area
    and satori, hindu death cabbage and GDP is whats around as of today
  14. hahaha damnn that sounds intense man im not going to lie, butt austin area. its the shit over here. kinda hahha

    fort worth is tight as hell too, ive been there a few times. smoked some good reggie but couldnt find the chronic
  15. Welcome!:wave:
    817 I take? North Fort Worth here.

    Check out the grow section here really useful.

    Good luck and post pics of the grow whenever possible.
  16. Hey fellow Texan and welcome! Good to see more blades from Texas on here and growing.

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