Introduction and first time indoor Mars II 900w LED

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    Hello grasscity forum!
    Long time lurker here, but just recently started posting. So I have been growing outdoors in the bay area for 2 years now with great success but am a noob indoors. I always wanted to try growing indoors but never had the space and didn't want to deal with more electric bills or purchase crazy setups.
    After a lot of research and some convincing evidence, I decided to get a 400w mars II led light, but ended up getting a good deal on a mars II 900w instead! (Possibly overkill)
    Anyway here's some details about my grow.
      My grow room, (also flowering room) is an odd shaped corner in my room. It measures 24"x28"x8'(not 10'). I had a couple of smaller greenhouses which I then was able to build into a tall structure to fit the space.  I also wrapped the whole thing in some cheap mylar emergency blankets and it looks good.I am currently hanging my LED from the top, created a shelf on the bottom, and cut holes for a fan exhaust and intake.
      My light as I have said is a Mars II 900w LED.  It puts out a lot of light, so I currently have it sitting fairly high up, and that seems to be working out ok.
      My plants right now are 3 little Gorilla Glue #4 clones, that I just picked up today, and transplanted into bigger pots, as well as my two seeds: 1 auto Critical Hog, and 1 The Shiznit, both of which showed a taproot today ( paper towel method) and have been planted in smaller seedling pots.
      I'm using Pro-mix HP as my soil, with some of E.B. Stone 7-3-3 organic dry fertilizer mixed in.  I also put a little bit of the blooming fertilizer 0-10-10 on the bottom inch or so, so it has something to get to for flowering.  I plan on watering with plain tap water when necessary, probably every other day or so.  I plan on only using Sea-90 as my mineral/nutrient supplement, but have GH nutes if things don't work out.
      I plan on vegging them until they get about 1-2ft tall, the put them into flowering.  Since I have a lot of height to work with, I plan on just growing them up tall!  They are supposed to flower in about 55 days so I will go along with that.
      Overall I want this to be a simple (but bountiful?) indoor soil grow.
      I will update with pictures when I can, and I will try to post updates at least 1 or twice a week.  Well, thanks for checking out my thread and hope you enjoy the grow!

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    Heres some pics of the setup!  Lights are on 18-6 right now.  Temps are ok, in the low 70's.  I may see about getting the temperature up a little to mid or high s70's.  That's all for now/.  Peace!
    *** Just noticed the pictures say 2005.  Thats just how old my camera is!  I don't bother to set the date when I put the batteries back in so it auto defaults to that date.

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  3. Update:
    My two seeds, Auto Critical Hog, and Tha Shiznit both emerged above soil yesterday, and already started making its first true leaf set.  I am very happy.  I always feel so stressed when using seeds because I always feel like I'm gonna fuck something up lol.  Anyway, Got my GG4 clones going O.K.  1 is doing fine, 1 is looking a little droopy and the other looks a little funky (some curled leaves, some slight mutations?) but it looked like that when I got it, which is probably why he threw it in for free!  I thought maybe the droopy one needed water so bottom fed it a bit of water.  We'll see how things go.
      It's getting a little colder here now, so I've got a heater blowing right in back of my fan intake, bringing in some warmth.  With that heater, my temps are at a pretty constant 77-80 degrees, which seems good.  My humidity is a little low, in the 30-40% range.  I'll see if I can do anything about that, not sure what a good way to raise humidity is though, so I'll look that up!
      That's about it for now.  I'll add some more pictures soon.  Probably tommorow.
    Thanks for checking out my thread!  Any comments/criticisms are welcome!  :D
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  4. Looks good man. The LED setup is something I am interested in so I will be watching this thread.
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    Two things, and feel free to ignore both since I'm new here. 
    1) Droopy leaves are often a result of over watering.  Are you testing your soil, the first couple inches, to make sure it's fairly dry before adding more water?  Also, your 30-40% humidity seems spot on from what I've read and seen.
    2) That's a big ass red light - at this stage of development blue light is most easily absorbed and utilized.  As much as that Mars II is, you might want to get a supplemental blue light to feed those little ladies?
    3) I could be wrong, so eye with skepticism.  We'll see what others say.  All in all looks good man.  I'm following along, so keep updating!
    - Informant
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    Hey sakerocket!  Thanks for checking it out!  I am pretty excited and nervous about this, so we will see how things go!
    Hey Informant!  Thank for popping in and checking things out too!  I really do appreciate any help I can get, so Let me see what I can tell you.
    1) I also thought the droopy leaf thing was from overwatering, so I checked and I could stick my whole finger (~4inch.) and come up dry, so that is the reason I ruled that out.  I checked again today before coming on here, and my finger still comes up dry.
      I'm really think that It could just be the stress of being a clone, that had to sit in a bag for about half an hour (How the guy gave it to me, and how I transported them home.) before being transplanted.
      I will definitely watch how much water I give them though, because I have overwatered in the past, so thanks for your input! :)
    2)I can look into that and it could be an option, but I would like to see how this mars II does just by itself.  It is rated as full spectrum so I plan on vegging and flowering with it, and I'm aware that the "full spectrum" means not as much dedicated to specifically veg or flowering lights but I am comfortable making that decision.  Also I think its a pretty even distribution.  The picture may not show it, but the color coming out of it is a bright purple glow, not only red!
    3)Again, Thanks for the input man!  That's the whole reason I posted this on here; so anybody can chime in, and I can make better decisions! 
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    GG4 #1:
    So this guys seems to be doing fine.  I got it with that big nute-burned-looking leaf, but it is doing well it seems.
    GG4 #2
    This is the droopy guy.  I'm hoping hes just stressed an he will bounce back soon.  I will keep looking online to see what it could be, but I'm gonna try to ride it out along with...
    GG4 #Derp
    This one is my special little guy.  He was thrown in with the other two for free, so I'm just trying to give him a little love and see what can be done.  It came to me with the leaves a bit mutated and curled, with some a bit dry and others droopy... its all over the place.  We'll see where this special little guy goes.
      That's all for now.  Peace!
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    lol, nice pictures, thanks for your post, happy growing
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  9. Chombastic, Happy Growing, wish you can grow better and better.
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  10. Going to give you another suggestion that may be more accurate for your watering/plant thirst determinations. When your soil has dried enough to the point of your plant showing she's thirsty, lift your pot, feel how light it is - that's the lightest it should ever feel before you water her.

    Give her a good watering, feel the weight now - water her when she's getting closer to your light/dry pot in weight.

    Pretty easy! I'm probably going to like this grow a lot pal, I've been wanting to see this panel in action in a box similar to yours.
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  11. Hey Tenshuu!  Thanks for your comments and suggestions as well.  I went ahead and picked it up and it felt a bit too light, so maybe she is just thirsty, but just a bit more-so than the others.  They all felt a bit on the light side though, so I went ahead and bottom fed the about 4 cups or so of water and they seem to have drank it up pretty easily, so maybe I'm not giving enough water!  Maybe since I'm too scared of overwatering, I may be underwatering! :blink:   Time will tell! Thanks for your input!
    Hehe.  I'm just doing a cheap grow in a dumb corner of my room!  It's good to know other people are in similar situations! :p
  12. Thanks sara!  Glad you could come to check things out! :D
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    Things are going pretty good with this grow so far, but time seems to be going by so slowly!  Maybe it's merely because I'm excited about this grow, and it's my first time with it.  It's pretty fun.
    So, the GG4 clones:
    #1 and 2 are doing fine.  I think my whole issue with #2 was that I was UNDERwatering.  I gave it a bit of extra water and it looks much better.  There is some new growth on both and it all looks green and healthy, so they seem to be on the right track.
    GG4 #3 (aka Derp) ... is still not looking too good.
      I was checking it out, and several of the leaves are completely dry, and and some of the newer leaves seem to have their tips drying as well.  I'm not quite sure what this could be anymore.  I saw something very similar to this with my tomatoes outside this year. Where the new growth just started drying out immediately.  I had a good gardener friend of mine check it out and he said it was some disease and to basically toss the plant so others could not get it.  Seemed to work out ok, as that was the only one that had it.  So... I'm basically wondering if I should just get rid of this guy right now.  I just don't want it to become the same issue with my other clones.  I'll look more into it, but I'm probably gonna end up tossing it.  Heres some pics of it.  And yeah, sorry, my camera is crappy.
    Derp (1).JPG Derp (2).JPG Derp (3).JPG Derp (4).JPG Derp (5).JPG Derp (6).JPG
    On the lighter side, its been 6 days since my 2 autos sprouted and they seem to be doing well. Seedlings (1).JPG Seedlings (2).JPG Seedlings (3).JPG
      I saw a little fuzzy mold on the top of on of their pots, so I think the humidity was up a bit high.  I just grabbed the little bit of fuzz and removed it, and got rid of the plastic bag I had on there.  I think it will be fine, but I'll keep an eye out.
    My crappy makeshift grow space seems to be working out alright, but I'm trying to go over in my head how I can LST each plant around the space for equal light sharing.  Possibly scrog it but I'm not sure.  Anyways, Thanks for checkin it out!  I'll be keeping it up to date best I can!
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    So everything seems to be doing well!  I've bumped up the heat a bit so it is nice and warm for them, and the temperature floats around 81*F.  When I raised the temperature, my humidity took a dive to about 23%, so I have a couple of cups of water with rags (and a sock) hung from them to wick up the water and moisten it up a bit.  that got me to a solid 42%, which was pretty cool considering its a super cheap solution.  I may look into getting a humidifier, so I'll see if I can get one inexpensively.
    The clones all look good, and I fed all 3 with 1 gallon of water and 1 tsp of sea-90 (as directed), and they sucked it up pretty quickly.  I think ill be watering every 2 days or so.  Since I raised the temp I may have to water more, so we will see.
    My two autos are still small, and I'm wondering when they will start to grow more, considering they are autos and have a "timed" life.  I have seen many other autos around this same age (1.5 weeks) that seem to be bigger though, so maybe I'm just missing something... We will see!  I hope I haven't messed anything up yet though. :D
    So, yeah.  I'll have some pics to share for tommorow!
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     I didn't get to come back and post more pics the other day, I had a lot of other stuff I needed to do. But I do have a video instead of just pics!
    ( )
    (First one you see is GG4-derp, then the autos , then GG4#1 and 2)
    I think the video gives you a better feel for what I have goin on.  It is definitely easier than trying to get good pics with my camera, so I'll probably just keep doing it.
    Anyway,  all my plants are looking good I think, I have no problems to report and my weird setup is working out ok!  I do believe that i am going to either make another, bigger space in the garage, kinda the same way, or cough up money for a grow tent.  We'll see how that goes!  Until then, Peace!
    *Sorry, this Flip camera didn't pick up my voice that well.  It seems to pick up the sound of the fans and stuff a lot more.
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  16. Looks good man!  I like how you're workin with what you got!
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  17. Thanks Informant!  I do what I can lol.  It seems to be working out ok.
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    Everything is going well so far.  Plants are growing nicely and I don't have any problems with them! Yay!
    I'm only curious about my autos.  as I've stated before, I feel like they should be bigger (since they're on a time schedule)  If you guys can, check out the pics and video of them.  Today will be day 18 since they sprouted!  I hopefully didn't over water or something.  I feel like i tend to over water my seeds... but if you guys have any knowledge bout these autos, please comment and tell me if everything's fine, or if I am not on the right track.  Auto Crit Hog.JPG Shiznit.JPG
    Well, thanks for checkin' this update!
    ALL.JPG gg4#1.JPG GG4#2.JPG GG4#3.JPG
    *Video update!

  19. ALSO!...
    So I checked the bottom of my clones, and my larger guy has a couple of nice fuzzy roots starting to come out of the bottom.  :D  My auto's also have the start of a root coming out the bottom.  so... I forgot that autos should be in their final pots from start, which is why they're just in those small ones, and I was planning on transplanting into larger pots.  I was wondering if anyone could comment if this would be a good idea?  Their 18 days old, only a few inches tall, and have JUST shown a root coming out of the bottom.
    Would these autos really stress out too much if I transplant now?  Do you guys think it would be worth it?  I think if I let them go in the pots they're in now, they would get root bound very easily.  Please feel free to chime in, any and all comments are appreciated!  Thanks!!
  20. Update!
    Hey people just an quick update with a couple of pics.  Couple of things:
    First off, I would like to smoke a bowl for my two autos, whom I failed. :(  
    1208142316a.jpg 1208142316.jpg
    They are a couple of inches and I think they started to flower?  I can name several things I did (overwatered, small pots) and is 85F degrees (the highest temp I could get) too hot for an auto? I didn't think that seemed right, but I read it several places.  Anyways, I will chalk it up to more experience and we'll see what we can get from them. :bongin:
    Secondly, my GG4 clones are still doing well, but  I accidentally left my fan on all night pointed on them. (fell asleep :( )  When I awoke, I checked it and noticed a lot of "taco" leaves.  At least my fan wasn't on high! 1208142313a.jpg 1208142313b.jpg 1208142314.jpg
    Thirdly...I got some new equipment!  I've been thinking about simple hydro grows and I ordered a bucket DWC kit that came with everything for 1 Plant in. 
    I also splurged a bit (thanks to some b-day gift cards!) and got a 4x4 grow tent!  I definitely needed one of these eventually.  I was going to put it down in my garage but I am also contemplating putting it outside... Although I feel like that is inadvisable...?  I will look into it.
    That's all for now!

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