Introducing...the snooper detector...

Discussion in 'General' started by JCrohn, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. Alright guys, i just figured out an idea if you guys are tired of parents/roommates/random people searching your room or snooping around while you're not there...'s really cheap.

    I use a laptop computer, so i already have a webcam built in with the you might need to find a downloaded software or the one that comes with your webcam ($30 usually).

    What i do is i conveniently set up the webcam pointing in the general range of my place (room, living room, wherever you want to watch). From there, i set it up to motion detector, everytime there is motion..the webcam snaps a small picture with a timestamp.

    Doing this will prevent your harddrive from filling up while at work.

    Since I still live with my parents (ugh) not for long...when i go to college/work i can set the motion sensor up to see if they are snooping in my room for a stash (which is locked in a safe that i always bring the key with me wherever i go) or anything else.

    Have fun :).
  2. nobody likes this idea?

    also...i have the porno defense idea..

    "I dont want you searching my room because i have some stuff i dont want you to see....guy stuff" - hey, its better than a stash!
  3. I like the idea. I had often thought about setting a couple of webcams outside my property and doing the same thing to see people coming up to my home and to my door.
  4. same here...we have a right to privacy :)
  5. Damn straight, plus who knows what the hell is going on while I'm at work all day.
  6. it just bugs me how people snoop in my room...even when there is nothing in there...the key /safe combo is safe for the stash i think though.
  7. where do you find that type of software?? i have a mac with photobooth but i dunno about motion detecting
  8. my software came iwth the camera
  9. so basically this thread is worthless is what im getting from it

  10. You have small Vietnamese woman in your bedroom?

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