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  1. I've had an account for about a week now, but I've been visiting GC for months and really like the community. I don't feel comfortable giving details on where I'm from or anything about my actual identity, because weed is still illegal in my state and I don't want to risk anything. I've smoked for just over a year now, and it really helps with my depression and social anxiety disorder. Even though I use it mostly for medicinal purposes, I still think it's a lot of fun to smoke with friends and watch tv. I am starting a NORML chapter at my university next semester (it will be the first chapter in the state), and have already started sending tons of mail to representatives to push legalization. Something I might allude to a lot, at least for a little while, is my arrest for possession that took place in March. That's not for any other reason than that I can't smoke or be involved with mj outside of GC until my probation is over. I used to have a 15" acrylic bong, a glass spoon, a 1-hitter, and a pretty good grinder, but all of that got taken by the police during their illegal search of my car. Now all I have is a steamroller named George Clooney. I have a pic of him somewhere, and might edit it into this post later.

    Aside from all that, I'm a Computer Science major, and am really into tech. I've worked in IT for the city I live in (including the fire department, the city's ISP, and sadly, the police). If anyone needs advice on computer related issues, I'll be happy to help in what ways I can, within reason of course. And yes, I did mean to put a few clues in this post about where I'm from.

    :smoking: :bongin: :smoking:
  2. I'm too high to read all that man

    Welcome to the forums tho :D :smoke:

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