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    Well, hello everyone. Ill start off with general info on me. I live at home with the whole family, go to high school, and have a job. My whole family is anti marijuana. Not because its bad, just because its illegal. Im am very new to smoking. I tried it once a couple years ago and didnt get high, but I recently got the urge to experience a high. So I got some from a friend and I loved it. I have only been smoking for around 3 weeks and I have done it over 10 times. I usually either do it at work with a friend (only on very slow days) or very late at night when everyone falls asleep I sneak out my window and smoke it by myself and just chill. My tool of choice is a water bottle bong. I know there is a lot of controversy on wether that is bad for you or not (I dont use foil), but its all I can get. It also hits pretty hard to, which is nice. I have tried to get some glass, but all the shops around here ID and I dont really know anyone 18+ that would take me. Right now I have about 5 grams of decent quality (not mids, but not super dank) and 2 grams of purple cheese (pic included). Well, thats pretty much everything. I have many questions, which is why I joined this awesome forum.

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  2. No shit? Underage you say? How old are you?
  3. I prefer not to go into great detail.
  4. there's just something about the word "underaged" that gives me an erection

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