Introducing HID brought my humidity down 30%?

Discussion in 'General' started by Spybee Greens, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. Hi all - I am a new grower and I've almost finished my grow tent setup. I live in a low humidity region - Colorado. I was having issues with high heat and low humidity. I had 2 LED lights (135w UFO and 300W )and was reaching temps of 90-95, due to the room my 3 x 3 x 73 grow tent was located. I bought a portable Evap cooler and ducted directly into a 6" intake on the top of my tent. after doing so, I brought my temps to 73-77 and humidity to 60-70%. I've since added a 400w MH Cooltube and ducted from 6" intake on top, with a 240 CFM inline fan blowing outside air through to a 4" exhaust on the other side of the upper tent. I moved my Evap duct to the bottom of the tent and it's coming in a 6" intake. Since then, the temps have gone up to 86, but 80 at soil level, 83 at canopy level. BUT the Humidity won't get past 40% now. Any ideas? Does a MH depleat humidity in the air? Thanks!!

  2. The heat is causing water to evaporate and your fan is venting it out of the grow room.

    It'll be fine. 40% isn't that bad.

    I grow in 20-30% all the time, and get good harvests, but I'm in the desert and really have no choice...
  3. Is carefully home grown that much better then your tipically grown weed

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