Introducing GrowSoMo4200 w/F.A.C.C.S. 100+ Picture Instructional Guide to Micro Grows

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    Introducing GrowSoMo4200, a fully automated Cannabis Cultivation System designed for micro grows and autoflowering plants. Designed by Grass City's HomeDepotGrower and Photographed by Greg Huffman, one of San Francisco's top photographers, this grow journal is a detailed adventure in design, electrical engineering, heating and cooling, creative botany and understanding how marijuana grows. This design starts all the way back in December of last year and is currently "Baking" a new set of plants. Stay tuned as I lead you through step by step processes on how to create the perfect micro grow environment and hopefully get some decent smoke as well. Stay Tuned........

    GrowSoMo4200 :gc_rocks:
  2. Looks like a pretty elaborate setup you got there, I can't wait to see the results.
  3. Thanks TOSO. It does look kinda nuts huh? When we were done, I sat back and just started laughing my ass off. Cuz I will admit right from the jump, I could have purchased a decent starter set for what I spent, but with space, money, and light limited, I was more interested in doing something clean but out of the ordinary to show just how easy it is to grow MMJ. I would like to make this perfectly clear. I said grow marijuana not grow the best marijuana on the planet. This is just a fun way to learn about marijuana and the environments in which it thrives the best. It may not be the DANK!!!!! But it may be some good stuff once the system is dialed in and that perfect strain is found that fits. Stay Tuned....

  4. May want to wait to claim that there are 500 pics in this thread (there is an edit feature).
  5. Good Call. Now that I am creating this, it may be like 750 :) NOT!!! maybe like 125 TOPS!!!!

    This is a thread that will be around til the very end. It's why I started this 6 months ago to get a good head start. So i agree, may wanna let the people know that its packed full of images but not that many. My camera says 522 but i doubt ill use them all.
  6. [​IMG]
    So it all started with a little pot. No, not that kind...wait yeah there was some of that involved as well. I came into my recently erected garden shed to find this sitting there say "Grow a plant in me, right in this building." I was like "Ive always wanted to grow, times are tough, I am sure I can find some stuff around the house and at the local hardware store." Why not? I started looking up things on the Internet which lead me here to Grass City.

    Thank God.........
    As you can see I have plenty of natural light in my green house and plenty of fresh air to vent in. So I headed to Home Depot to get my parts list ready.........

  7. What lights are you planning on using?
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    Once back from Home Depot with my parts list complete I began to construct my GrowSoMo4200. Initial parts are as follows;

    4 - 100 Watt Equiv 27 Watt, 1400 Lumen, 5500k Full Spectrum CFLs = $34.75
    1 - 120 Watt Phillips Agro-Lite Plant Light - $7.97
    2 - Outlets to Socket adapters = $4.18
    2 - Double Socket adapters = $4.96
    1 - 5 Gallon White painters bucket = $3.98

    9% Sales Tax - Total = $60.86
    With the lights pretty simple to figure out, I secured a beefy socket on the end of my 120 watt Grow Lamp. The chandelier style lamp I had laying around after a lighting upgrade in the kitchen. I figured it would fit nice over the top and also allow for a window to see into GrowSoMo. Now I can set my sites on designing the riser system. As the plants grow, I want to be able to lift the lights higher as needed and also the ability to add lights in lower spots to cover those hard to reach side areas. Let the measuring begin. Note - Smoking out before this is not a good idea. :)
    20 Minutes Later......
  9. Interesting thread. I'll be sticking around for this.
  10. Cool Dude!!! I am adding more and more as we speak. I think your time here will be well spent. :)

  11. ^^^^^^

  12. [​IMG]
    Here is a shot of the finished CFL holes, Plant light and the bucket sunk in the frame. I removed the top lip of the bucket to add a little clearance for the lamps. Ignore the 3 holes in the top. This box used to cover my DJ laptop and those were for ventilation.

    The frame is finished. Notice the 2 water jugs and the drain reservoir . Those will be used later during the irrigation phase. Now to get started on the ventilation phase for this thing puts on some heat. Preliminary test showed 90` + and it was 57` outside during testing. I have already made note that during the summer months this is going to be a challenge.
  13. What kind of light is that at the top??

    looks like you spooged in the box...:D
  14. HAHAHAHAH Yeah those are some paint spooges HAHAHAH I love doing that when the can runs dry. The light on top is a Phillips 120 watt Plant Light. Its a Blue lamp that helps to promote growth. Quite HOT but the guy at Home Depot who I trust says these work and it has so far. Its a regular bulb with a blue face. Pretty Simple and truthfully I like the heat on the cold mornings. Very happy with this lamp. Fits right into my housing with a few extender to lower it.
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    One thing that I had noticed in my year or so of studying before setting out on this mission was that most people make mistakes when it comes to venting their systems. Air circulation is a big thing with me. I believe that as much FRESH as you can get to your plants the better. I am lucky and have 2 windows, 1 on each side to aide in my venting needs. Off again to measure. Oh man my head hurts :p This stuff is so easy when your sober but remembering shit when high? Forget about it. Good thing I take my time and work safely and enjoy what I am doing.
    Have built a many a computer back in my days hehehehehehehe Man I sound old. Good thing is that I had a shit load of these PC fans running around everywhere, BRAND NEW in packages. SWEEEEET!!!!!! There will be 2 Fresh Air Intakes on the bottom and 2 Exhaust ducts on the top on each side.

    8 - Taisol 12 VDC PC Fans = $0
    All Fan holes cut and dremeled as best as possible. Trust me, after this was shot, I had to do a lit... A LOT of rasping to get the PVC pipe and the fans to sit securely. This is very importante for the ducting which will be added later.
    Looking real nice and clean and most of all, Safe!!! Combined total wattage on these is 8 x 0.005 amps. That's like 4 Thousands of an amp or something like that :)

  16. Dude I'm pretty impressed. This has got me thinking about making something like that haha.
  17. Dude keep it up, im looking forward to seeing the end result. How long do you think it'll take to upload all those pictures lol?
  18. Thanks TOSO. It was just one of those look at it and see it moments. Think I was smokin Chem Dog that day. Shit is sooooo good :) Anyways just let your imagination run wild, be safe and enjoy the time you'll have dreaming of that special gift you'll create if successful.

    Actually, its not that bad. One thing that drove me nuts for a long time on here and many other forums was the lack of GOOD PICTURES!!!! Most were completely out of focus, under exposed or just plain shitty. One of my goals being friends with a photographer was to document various stages of the plant in clear, easy to see and understand images. So having to sort through such a vast library of kick ass images is just awesome. We use the same exact camera but I have a super awesome Macro lens that I bought while in Japan. Its gonna be a chore I can tell you that, but I am posistive that all visitors will enjoy the photography and be able to see what a plant looks like as it develops instead of just read. PLUS you don't have to be a GC member to enjoy. I host my own images on his server :)
  19. Time to lay down some reflective material to help raise temps and use as much light as possible. I used a few car windshield protectors that I bought at Walmart years ago. They cut very easy and install very nice. Loaded up some Arrow 3/8 staples in my gun and off a shootin I went.
    1 hour later........
    Notice the nice tight seam lines inside. This was done by over measuring as seen above on the left wall sticking out and then overlapping the extras to form a seal as say roof tiles do.
    Nice clean fit through the sunscreen. Looking good!!! Now seven more and were gonna test fire this baby. :p
    Whew!!! All holes cut and a layer of aluminum tape over the edges to seal everything up. Now to install the fans and see what she can do.
    HOLY MOLY!!!! Man it is LOUD!!!! I hope Marijuana likes being in a server room all day cuz that is exactly what it sounds like yet coming from one server. AWESOME!!!! Great air movement inside, nice cool temp to keep everything happy. You can def feel the difference in temperature while placing your hands in the front of the intakes and exhaust. Alright. Time to get some real power into this place and get rid of the extension cords and such everywhere. Stay Tuned.....

  20. I'm a bit afraid that the reflective material might burn the plant, similar to how aluminum foil burns it.

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