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    Hi, I am not usually on the forums but i really need help with different things and have NOBODY to help me, and I've spent a fortune setting up this room.
    The dude who initially helped me out by giving me some clones to start with, he hasn't been around to help me with much since.
    I've suffered from HIV for 30 years, and the last 2 years have been out of work with nerve damage and just being beat the hell up. Pain meds dont work anymore, and so i decided to grow my own meds. my anxiety has been through the roof with health problems and not working so want some good strains to help with pain, and anxiety. Nausea from my medications, and insomnia. So any recomendations on strains would be great! The seeds i just started are 5 Northern Lights Blue, got those because its a 100% indica and need something to help me sleep. I have 5 of those germinating , and the 3 free seeds from the seed bank, "Aroma" "Bubba Kush 33" and "Vintage 2006"
    so i'm excited about those. I started germinating the seeds for those 3 days ago.
    The 12 plants in my flower room are 54 days into flowering, they are 6 sour deisel and 6 white russians. I used some gay recipe for success with these and it was a recipe for failure, the plants are almost done, but its been a long ride with different problems. But its my first time growing and we lost power for 5 days in their veg cycle, so they were really stressed from that, and nutrient burn, but pulled through okay.
    The 11 plants in my veg room are doing frigggggen awesome i cant believe how big and bushy they got, the difference between these 11 and my first 12 is i am using general organics go box with the new ones and i have an extra light i didnt have before. the 11 plants in the veg room are all white russian.
    I took my first clones today i hope they work out okay, i got a 60 site easy clone, and to practice and get started i made 12 clones from my white russians that are vegging. So thats that, now my setup: (pics of it all too)
    I have a 60 site ez clone
    Veg room has Two 8 Tube 4ft Hydro Farm t5
    Flower room has 4 1000Watt HPS bulbs
    fresh air cooling through the lights, and good ventilation, have a total
    of 6 6" fans to cool the lights and vent the rooms. Two 12k air conditioners (for summer time dont need now) and um thats about it
    Check out my pics, I'll be back with questions real soon i welcome any suggestions or comments . I am really interested in suggestions on strains. Since i can just buy seeds online and get them in a week, i can get any strain i want so i'm really open to some good strains to try.

    Here are tons of pics of my entire setup
    Click link for pics 
  2. very nice setup, gotta be nice having an entire room to setup in.
  3. [quote name='"Phalicy"']very nice setup, gotta be nice having an entire room to setup in.[/quote]

    LOL well the wife is not to happy my grow room took up the whole basement. I left just enough room for her to make a path to the washer and Dryer Hehe. And then yesterday confiscated the guest bedroom for the ez clone. :)
    Shell get over it when I dont have to ever buy bud again. We both have medical marijuana cards so we can grow 24 veging and 24 flowering combined between the two of us.but I'm realizing even with all that room 48 plants take up a lot of space. I built my veg room to hold 25 plants and these 12 got so big you can't even fit one more.

    I can't wait for these thingc to finish. Been flowering 54 days I've been watching the trychomes very closely and have not seen any amber ones. The Russians supposed to be 53 to 63 days and its day 54 and no signs of maturity
  4. wow i wish i had the money to build a set up like that. My knew grow room is 8 by 12 (the size of my cell was in prison) I feel right at home in there lol , but if i had those lights i would be back in prison with in a month those lights can be seen from space and i am on the hot sheet. Ive only been free for two years but i do have 75 micro babys in there 30 days in the dirt and 8 inchs tall looking good got 16 cfl s going in home made hood lights with fans 50 watts consumption 150 watts output per bulb so the box says. just started them on nutes they are doing great but just wanted to say your (system rocks) awesome have a great harvest

  5. HAHA, I'm actually in a similar situation on a smaller scale. Threw up a 4x4x6 tent in our tiny little 1 bedroom apartment. Took a while to convince my wife it would be worth it to get it. She'll see, once she realize we never have to buy again, I think she'll be happy.:D
  6. Amazing setup and may i suggest DNA genetics seed company? i find they have the best medicinal strains i just ordered some cataract Kush from there the yield doesn't seem great but the medicinal effects sounded well worth it
  7. [quote name='"jPinkham"']Amazing setup and may i suggest DNA genetics seed company? i find they have the best medicinal strains i just ordered some cataract Kush from there the yield doesn't seem great but the medicinal effects sounded well worth it[/quote]

    Where do u order seeds from? I used attitude they came real quick.
  8. was fast cheap and easy and i got 2 surprise seeds for free
  9. Oh cool I just checked that site. Attitude is cheaper and I can vouch for very fast shipping can pay with credit card too.
  10. What is attitudes website? I'm always open to cheaper seeds =D

    They shipped my order same day ordered I got it with a tshiry for 12 bucks . If u buy a shirt or mug of wallet or whatever they guarantee delivery no matter what. If it dont come for any reason they reship.
  12. It showed up as grass citys site is that correct?
  13. [quote name='"jPinkham"']It showed up as grass citys site is that correct?[/quote]

    That's weird it takes me to attitude seed bank
  14. oh it looks like they removed my link ? or i maybe put it in wrong but its
    Wow thats super gay everytime i post the link for attitude, the forum changes it to
    what the hell is that shit..

    h t t p : / / w w w . c a n n a b i s - s e e d s - b a n k . c o . u k /
  15. Ohh that is weird thank you for the link

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