Intresting Plant Missing Leaves?

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  1. So I have a few pictures here of two different plants same kind of bud both bubblicious planted and popped at the same time but one looks very different from the other. One has all 4 leaves and one has the two started leaves and very little secondary leaves. Does anyone know whats going on or has anyone seen this happen? The one in the middle is the one that seems to be normal and the ones on the left and right are the same plant and seems to be deformed I think.

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  2. Well since no one has replied to either of my posts maybe this will get things going. Or maybe not two posts and zero replies this is awesome.
  3. I see 4 leaves on all 3 plants. The little ones should be growing :D
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    Any ideas why they are so small compared to the other plant. Could it be a deformed seed. Seeds are like 4 years old. Plus you see that little white strand coming out of it never seen anything like this before the leaves are like shrunken or something. Really weird!
  5. I think your plant is dyslexic? Your cotyledons think there leaves and your leaves think there cotyledons.
  6. It has kinda got better but I think it is messed up. Thanks guys
  7. Hullo thar,

    Well a 4 year old seed would have lost some of its food storage so the two that are erm..... oddities are probably just lagging because of it. let us know if they ever catch up. Seems like when seedlings have a deformaty they never really recover *scatches head*

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