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Intoxicating New Year

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ArtesiaBuds, Dec 26, 2002.


What Will You Choose?

  1. Get Drunk

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  2. Get Stoned

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  3. Both[img][/img]

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  4. Different Drug

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  1. Thats whats been on my mind lately, how will everyone be getting messed up for new years? i'll be drunk and high for sure.
  2. I have 12 beers and a 1/4 of some nice bud :D It should be a fun night, yay parties!
  3. I can't decide if I want to do shrooms that night or not. They're around right now and I'm getting some, I just can't decide if I want to do them on New Year's Eve or not.

    It's either that or drinking and getting high.
  4. i'll just smoke a lot of bud ... i have the feeling u get from drinking booze and weed at the same time ... only either or ... so yeah ... lots of weed...
  5. I'm not a big fan of alkeehol.....

    I only drink if I really want to.

    So, unless come the 31st I feel like drinking, then I'll happily sit there and smoke the half oz I'm buying :D
  6. i more than likely won't be getting wrecked for new years. but it's all good. while everyone's out getting bombed i'm gonna be sleeping, and not thinking about all my troubles and how i've got a whole nother year ahead of me...

    sooooo.... when everyone who was drinking wakes up the next day with a hangover, I WON'T. hahahahahahaha. i'll get to wake up not hungover and well rested :p lmao!
  7. Drinking fer me, gonna stay home with the rents
  8. I have 2 8ths of bud going between me and a couple friends of mine and we have 2 24 cases of coors lite, i think I'm ready to roll in the new year dont ya think?
  9. Get realllllly high and reallllly drunk..:smoke: :smoking:

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