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Intoducing My Friend to Weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Slagothor, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. I'm fairly new to smoking and only first tried it this last March. I fell in love with it and slowly my group of friends have joined me in our new hobby. However one of my friends has wanted to try it with me but everytime she has it has not been a good experience.

    I don't pressure any of my non smoking friends to smoke and I simply wait for them to come to me if they are curious and want to try it (which she did). However, I've done a bad job of introducing people to bud. She's tried it 4 times with me, 3 times out of a pipe where she didn't even get high, her lungs just hurt, and then finally out of my bong which I let her take a few too many hits out of because I couldn't gauge how she was feeling and she got WAY too high to the point that she felt her heart was racing and that she was extremely dizzy and was overall just an unpleasant experience for her.

    She's resolved to no longer smoke it, but she will give it one more shot with either a vaporizer or an edible. The only problem is I hear these highs are much stronger and considering she has practically no tolerance and her previous high was too strong I believe it will just end in a bad experience again where she will completely give up on the herb. I know it's not for everyone, but I really feel that if she just got a good high for once she would actually enjoy herself and I don't want to mess up my last shot at showing her weed. Any advice?
  2. Tell her to smoke a joint :). Actually, I guess she can try what she want and if she doesnt like it, then she doesn't like it.
  3. Yeah she needs to have a few puffs out a joint. i remember the first time i hit a bong i thought i was od'ing cuz my heart was pounding and i was sketching out, good times
  4. If she got scared before, DO NOT give her an edible. I recently smoked my brother out, and we have been smoking everyday since. I was worried h would get paranoid, so what I did, and still do is give him 2 hits at once, wait 15 minutes, and if he wants 2 more he gets 2 more.
  5. My first couple times of smoking i didn't even get high, because i prob didnt know what the hell i was doing. But after one good smoke session in a good enviroment i enjoyed myself very much and have never turned back.

    My advice to you is make sure that wherever you smoke you feel safe and comfortable and are surrounded by people you like being around, food you like eating, tv/music you like to listen/watch, and people of the opposite sex you wanna bang.
  6. just explain to her that you accidentally told her to take too many rips of the bong. assuming u got dank, just tell her to try 1 hit and then wait a few minutes, if nothing happens take 1 more. and btw, a vape high isnt any more intense than a smoke high, though its slightly different.

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