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Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by ebola weed, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. I'm into this girl, she's the prettiest girl ever I swear. Ive been hanging out with her a lot lately, and we ended up sleeping in the same bed together last night but we didn't fuck or anything just cuddled n shit. Well anyways I pretty much just told her I was into her. Wish me the best of luck blades
  2. She consented to sleeping with you...but you didnt get any action?

    Reading that alone makes my balls shrink and shrivel.

  3. It was my friends bed and he was also in the bed lol
  4. Aww, puppy love lol. <3333
  5. You friend was in the bed? Who gives a fuck, I would have smashed her box on top of him
  6. Why did you sleep in your friends bed with a chick? That's kinda weird IMO. You should have just taken her to your bed. Wasn't it awkward with another dude just sittin there?
  7. next time just carry a water mattress in yo pocket.
  8. I woulda told my friend to sleep on the god damn floor! Hell why is he even on the bed? If I was your friend I would have had the courtesy to sleep on the god damn floor to not cock block my friend. Your friend sounds like a creepy douchebag.
  9. say your friend threw you off ur game and you want to retry it alone tonight.

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