Into the Wild

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  1. This movie is just NOT good.

    I mean it's the idealistic "I want to get away" movie....but it was clearly written by someone who has never done anything even close to that.

    The first 8 minutes, we watch the hero travel over land, mostly across open barren ass map, no compass, and somehow he manages to not run into anything that deters him. In fact....he mostly walks across fresh white snow, in a field. His moment of difficulty is crossing a stream and getting wet....which no monkey let alone a normal human being would just dooooo......without looking for an alternative route at least.

    Then he finds a 1970's bus in the woods. He opens the hood and it has no engine. Where did it go? Did the engine escape??? The engine was like....fuck this movie...I'm outta here....

    Perhaps the owners abandoned it....and took the engine.........but somehow left a perfectly good lighter?'re in the middle of the forest, your bus crashes.....I think you'd notice if you forgot your lighter after a minute or two....and considering if you carried your engine, you'd probably only be like 20 feet away when you noticed....

    Then, dude, has all this extra time to howl and carve stuff, thankfully cause when he goes hunting for the first time ever, animals just run in front of him.

    Then he talks to everyone is like "OMG I CAN SO RELATE!!!" considering.....something like 70% of people talk to themselves.....we just all hide it.

    So then starving, and alone in the wilderness, he doesn't shoot a mama deer, cause it has a baby. I'm sorry...instinct actually would have lead to shooting them both, or maybe just the baby since it's an easier kill. WTF was he eating, that he didn't even have to hunt for food? Musta been having a REAL hard time out there, if he could be so selective as to not kill deer with kids.

    Then the justification scene....where he graduates and everyone is like "Whahhahahaaaa, why would he go into the woods then being such a cool guy!!!????"

    The movie is 148 minutes long...and it spends 45 seconds showing people throwing graduation caps up in the air......

    Absolutely overrated. Dumb movie.
  2. The one part that I even remember about it was the scene where he starves to death while looking up at the sky.

    Man... that must be a shitty way to go. Can't imagine what it actually felt like for that guy in real life.
  3. couldn't disagree more.
    I love Into the Wild. It is pure.

    also not too long ago I was eating at a Brazilian cafe and Sean Penn was eating at the table right next to me (with an attractive young brunette)
  4. Read the book.

  5. Thats the fuckin point! The dude died just miles from a road.... :rolleyes:
  6. It's based on a book that's based on fragments of stories written by Christopher McCandless and interviews with people that he met along his trip. If they tried to explain every single problem in the movie, it would be 4 hours long.
  7. [ame=]YouTube - Timothy Treadwell - Grizzly Man Pt 16[/ame] Reminds me of this.

    Idealism is no substitute for survival skills and instinct.

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