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  1. If you haven't seen Into the Wild, you need to go out, buy it, and watch it tonight. No, but seriously, if you get it the next time you're at the store and then watch it that night, you'll like it. Check out Christopher Mccandless (that's a wiki link). The movie is about his journey through life, pretty much. But if you're free-spirited at all, I'm sure you'll like this movie alot.

    And if you've have seen it, did you like it?
  2. the movie was good, but the book was better
  3. I bet it was. I'm planning on reading it a.s.a.p.
  4. I liked the movie but I thought...

    [hide]the guy (obviously) bit off more than he could chew when we went to Alaska. I mean, if you're going to go and do what he did, should you not make sure you know how to kill something and preserve the meat, learn what grows and what can be eaten, especially memorize what the hell can kill you, before going into a wilderness setting that can easily end your life?[/hide]

    Still a good movie, though.

    EDIT: Here is the trailer if anyone is interested.

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  5. i had no idea you could do that spoiler block
  6. Great story, I liked it so much I read the book and everything else I could find about it. Was bummed to find out it was not based on facts. Hard to say more without being a spoiler.
  7. Good movie, but the kid was an overzealous fool. Going into such tundra with little knowledge and supplies is almost like committing suicide.
  8. awful movie.

    great book.
  9. i liked the movie a lot.. hadnt even heard of the book until after i saw it
  10. My mother gave me this book not too long ago, said it was a good read.

    eh, i don't read much.
  11. I´ll download this movie and see how it is, but if the guy just said "Fuck it" and went into the wild with no knowlegde whatsoever, I´m probably not gonna like it as much xD...cause it´d be like making a movie about a guy who got lucky and did something no one should try to do xD

    Anyone remember a documentary someone made a thread about here, about a guy that goes into the wilderness and builds himself a cabin and stuff and lives there for a year?
    That´s much more interesting if you ask me and I´ve been wanting to see it again but can´t find it anywhere.
  12. Are you talking about This? If so, he spent more than a year there. :)

  13. Thanks man, I saw this and said "That´s what I want to do with my life". Of course I´ll try and be a usefull part of society and retire at an early age with skills of survival and stuff, but this is what I want for myself...But with mad weed xD.
  14. I saw this film a while back and thought it was absolutely abysmal. I was falling asleep, I was so bored. Screen writers today have an un-canny talent for taking a good story, and turning it into a steaming pile of shit these days. I wouldn't recommend it unless you're interested in a good snooze.
  15. This move was so good man. It was sad. I wanted him to stay with that old man.
  16. I hope a lot of people start using it, since it really does help out people who do not want a plot ruined by a random post on the Interweb. ;)

    [ hide ] [ /hide ] <-- That is how to do the hide-text thing.

    [hide]Like this.[/hide]

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