Into the Mind of a Psychopath (is this youtube uploader crazy?)

Discussion in 'General' started by BenLeve, Jan 31, 2014.

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    If you want to learn about psychopaths look at the thread I made in pandora's box. 
    What the fuck is this shit?
    Do not be creeped out LOL this guy is trollinggg *the youtuber
  2. thats not disturbing. THIS is disturbing
    I always try to imagine how that went down..
    Luda: *ring ring* Yo bitch, is Justin home?
    Mrs. Bieber: Oh, Luda! Not at the moment he is at the Barbour!
    Luda: Tight. Gettin his hair did WORD. Tell em I wanna make some tunes w him 
  4. nigga that was the worst narrative i have ever read
    You've obviously never heard of Shaye Saint John

  6. hes not crazy, i mean who doesnt film themselves busting moves to seemingly no music infront of a camera aimed mainly at your groin while your face is blacked out?? standard monday afternoon for me
  7.  i really liked this one, some serious shapes being thrown hoooweee

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