[Intnl. Women's Day 8. March] Europe and Islam

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  1. Here's one for the international women's "kampdag" (battle-day), we have that extra word in the nordic languages, I think it's just Intl Women's Day elsewhere, but there's a warlike feel to it here, and I dig it

    In Denmark and Norway particularly, there is finally coming some awareness around how women are mistreated by non-secular Muslim men, which is a hot topic after the undeniable mass gang rapes by muslim men all across Europe on New Years Eve after we took them in at huge costs, and the main newspapers today have lots of coverage about the failure of modern feminism to support their muslim sisters.

    After so long women are starting to filter towards the front of the phalanx against islamism, where their rage most earnestly belongs: most of the newspapers have articles by muslim/ex-muslim women denouncing and raging against their religion's complete patriarchal orthodoxy. And, wonderfully, throwing fireballs at their cowardly sisters who claim to be feminists, but stare at the floor once they have to criticise a culture different from their own.
    All the gods of war bless these women in their fight against political correctness and tolerance-extremeism. As a white non-muslim man, I can't say shit about women's total oppression in Islam without being screamed down as an islamophobe or a racist no matter how accurate or earnest I am, so to see liberated arabic and north-african women in my societies step forward to swing the hammer against Islamic patriarchy is beautiful to watch. They can't be called into question, except by the few who still want to use words like "house muslim" to silence them.

    My own mother, who was on the front-lines against Christian puritanism when she was young, just said

    "Just like back then, it's a fight for our rights that we can't afford to lose. We've beaten one God already, we can beat another."

    That is some bad ass shit. My salute to brave women, of any age in history, who stood up for their own rights, especially in the face of people who would silence them, by shame or by violence.

    Sources NRK Ytring (NO)
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    Politiken (DK)
    Vi har selv skåret nosserne af feminismen
    Salonfeministerne svigter min kvindesag
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  2. a look behind closed doors in danish mosque's.
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