Intimidated by a girl??

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  1. Okay, long story short:

    I've been hooking up with the same guy since last October, he hasn't been hooking up with anyone else either. We're with each other all of the time because we have every class together. Just went on vacation with a group of friends together. We're not dating. I told him I wanted to stop hooking up a few months ago because I wanted to stop before I had feelings and shit got messy, but that never happened. I like this kid (obviously or I wouldn't be sexing him for months) but at this point it's just whatever, I'm not expecting anything from him except sex.

    Last night's sex was weird. It was like we made love, not fucked. I'm kind of skeeved out by it. Not really sure if I know the difference yet or if I'm just playing mind games with myself or whatever, feel free to make some input on that, too. Anyway, we ended up pillow-talking until 5 AM and he told me he was intimidated by me? I said "Oh, okay." What the hell does that mean? Have you guys ever been intimidated by a girl? Is this a bad thing? I'm confused. :confused:
  2. How old is this guy?

    I'm in my 30s and only really got intimidated by girls when I thought they was some alien species who could never be understood. I now know they aren't alien but I still don't understand them.

    Anyway, to me it sounds like he wants to take it to a different level and intimidated only really means that he probably thinks you're out of his league and doesn't want to put a foot wrong. Which is probably why he made love rather than fucked you.

    Anyway, you've gotta prepare for him to want to take this to the next level. If you wanna do that then go with the flow, if you don't then you probably should cut the sexing and say you wanna be friends before you get in too deep and everyone has 'feelings'.
  3. I have only been intimidated by a girl when I was still a teenager and the girl was really pretty. Thats something every person should get over eventually
  4. 1. Yes, you are dating.

    2. Why don't you ask him why he's intimidated?
  5. this isnt a bad thing. this most likely means you give him butterflies in his stomach whenever he thinks about you. an intimidating girl is very confident, always says whats on her mind, takes control of situations, and is not afraid of what anyone says of her. i love girls like this. they know EXACTLY what they want and get straight to the point. you are probably the same way? thats probably what he means by you being intimidating. i dont think this is bad at all. youre probably the girl of his dreams and he doesnt want to say/do anything stupid to hurt his chances with you. so he is probably pressured because he wants to always give a good impression towards you so that you'll like him. which is why you are intimidating to him
  6. nailed it ^
  7. Thanks guys. To answer your questions we're both 21 and I didn't ask him why he thinks I'm intimidating because I honestly didn't think to at the time. I was just surprised that he said that. And MangoFresh, your opinion is actually a pretty accurate description of me, ha. I'll probably smoke him up tonight and then just go with the flowww
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    um, probably because he's been giving you his time, and fucking you exclusively for months and getting attached to you. Then out of left field you cut it off and say you aren't interested and you should stop seeing each other, but then continue to fuck him. Duh. How would you feel if someone toyed with your emotions like that?

  9. He has told me on multiple occasions that he is not interested in being in a relationship. That is why I told him I wanted to cut it off, because I started to have feelings for him. Neither one of us had enough self-control to actually cut things off completely, so we both mutually kept going with it. There has been no manipulation.
  10. Oh. If he told you he isn't interested I don't know what his problem is.
  11. I have a bad habit of "making love" to girls on one night stands cuz i seem to last longer. whwnever i fast fuck...its a fast fuck know what im sayinnn?

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