interview with a cannibal

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  1. [ame=]Interview with a Cannibal - YouTube[/ame]

    this guy is so fucked up

    he killed a college classmate, then ate her body. he was caught trying to dispose of what was left and was arrested

    after being released from jail, he got involved with pornography. he was involved in a scene where he had sex with a woman three times and then told her what he did to the dutch college student. he showed the porn actress his own published graphic book of real pictures of the event, then told her he wanted to drink her urine and saliva

    in the end, he states that he can't even masturbate anymore to suppress his cannibalistic urges. he's become impotent

    and lately has been having the urge to be slowly tortured to death by a woman. this guy is beyond crazy. at least he knows he's fucked up in the head
  2. I saw this when I was on a vice marathon on youtube. crazy shit
    I like how they block out tits but show you butchered people n whatever
  3. Good ol Vice.

    I'd suggest the underground LSD palace , krokadill, and the one about the "zombie drug", all good documentary's.
  4. I suggest North Korea. That was amazing

    imo the palace and zombie drug sucked , idk what the krokadill was about


    fuck it this should be a vice thread
  5. I'm hungry now...

  6. Isn't he some kind of famous in Asia? Anyhow, psychos like that often are impotent, unless they give their perversions free and only then are able to get off. Sick fucks
  7. the palace is kinda boring, but im REALLY interested in psychadelics, so it kept my interest. krokadill is about a type of "heroin" they are making in russia, it has something like a 99% first time use addictive rate and 98% death rate. Its nuts.And people buy the ingredients over the counter. It just shows how fucked up russia is.
  8. damn kinda of a buzzkill tho
  9. This might be a dumb question but what is vice?

    I've recently become really interested in documentaries
  10. i fucks with vice *****

  11. a documentary company, I guess for lack of better phrasing. They are hit n miss, but I've spent hours watching their stuff
    I honestly think their north korea piece was the best one yet
  12. Has anybody ever watched the Vanguard documentaries?

    I used to watch them on Current TV

  13. hell yeah same here. and I've probably seen any marijuana documentary worth watching :smoking:
  14. I've seen a few vice docs, think the n korea one, weed, possibly the one on krocodil but I'm not sure.

    anyway, yea its fucked up, and probly more so for me to say this, but I'd really be interested on seeing a study done on his brain. to my knowledge a cannibal has never had his brain studied. not to mention, if all he said was true, the fact that he was born premature and had bad/weird first experiences sexually, I think it'd be interesting.
    I've honestly wondered what human flesh tastes like, not that I'd ever try unless it was absolutely necessary(trapped on a boat no food, etc), I remember watching a doc on kuru and a woman said it was sweet. this sounds fucked up but its just like a stoner thought, like what if we had hands for feet like monkeys and shit like that.
  15. hamilton's pharmacopeia is dope wish there were more :D:D
  16. Crazy shit seen a ton of vice shit that whole channel is awesome
  17. Looked this up and it's some scary shit..
  18. Vice documentaries are awesome. That one made me cringe the first time I saw it though...
  19. I just seen the Krokadill one, and wow, thats some crazy shit. Nasty too
  20. saw this a while back. when it comes to vice watch everything having to do with asians or eastern europe. north korean episodes are really interesting. definitely watch the 'vice guide to' movie. the one where they go looking for the dinosaur is fucking gold. dirty drugs & pigmy porn. the chernobyl part is awesome too. they get drunk and try to hunt radioactive animals next to the red forest. i love vice.

    i thought that shit was funny when they ambushed the girl with the photos an what not at the end. she thought she was about to get eaten for sure.

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