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Interview on the 13th

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JmJ, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. I haven't smoked for about 45 days, think I will be alright? Also, I don't smoke much. Never have. Maybe like twice a week at the most. What is a good way to get clean in a week? Just to make sure? Jogging, breaking a sweat everyday? Not eating fatty foods?
  2. You're golden.. dont trip. Good luck with that interview!
  3. Thanks! But I want to make sure lol. Also I'm not very good at interviews :p Stressing will probably make it worse!

  4. Wait so have you been clean for 45 days or a week?
  5. You could buy an at home test just to make sure?
  6. 45 Days is more than enough, and you have another 2 weeks. You're perfectly fine.
  7. Well clean for 45 days, I want to take the week to get "cleaner". Lol
  8. Also, I ate some a while back ago. I was wondering, does that stay in your system any longer than smoking does? It was just a little under a gram if anything.
  9. You wont get 'cleaner' after 45 days, 30 is all it takes.
  10. Well how can one be so sure? I would like to get a home test but don't know where to get them and if they are even worth it. I've heard you can pass one of those, but may not pass a lab test?
  11. Yes, I've googled before. I just wanted some "local" opinions from a forum well known :)

    Thanks for the advice. I'm a skinny guy, <130
  12. If you have been clean for 45 days you should be fine.

    If anything, i would eat ALOT more this week. If you work out, you could possibly release old THC from the fat cells you are burning off, which will make you dirty again.

    But i doubt you even have to do anything. 45 days sounds like enough to be completely clean

  13. Eat a LOT? Such as ? Higher Fiber foods? I would think breaking a sweat would get the Thc metabolites out of your system faster.

    The past couple nights I've been having some wicked dreams about getting high and me thinking to myself, fuck, did I really do that for real? While I was dreaming. Then I started freaking out because I would not pass a test haha. I think I'm just being paranoid.

  14. you're absolutely fine
  15. Thanks for the encouragement!

  16. Anytime my friend! :smoke:

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