Interview at a Head Shop Tomorrow

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    Naturally I reeeeally want to get this job. Any tips to help me stand out?
  2. id sugest showing yourself to be a profesional who can assist customers, and not to come across as somebody who thinks the job will just be a place to dick around and show up high (though that very well might be what you'll do:D)

    p.s. welcome to the city, blade
  3. Dress nice, speak well, and treat it like any other job interview.
  4. Basically show you're a responsible are very pro-weed, yet are able to get stuff done when needed
  5. Show off your stash.

  6. haha lol
  7. Id advise against this. Do NOT even hint at any drug usage unless it is off the record and between you and them as civilians, not co-workers. This is by far the worst place for drug discussion. Im assuming that you should know this already but any customer that references weed is to be thrown out. Its too risky to associate themselves with stoners.
  8. Congratulations, I hope you get the job. As soon as I become 19 I will be applying for a job at my local head shop.
  9. headshops are kinda boarderline legal. they sell "tobacco and tobacco paraphernalia" , even though we all know its not for tobacco. the government knows this as well. so you really got to be smart when working in a headshop. this explains why your not supposed to use the word bong, but use the word waterpipe instead. what their looking for is the responsible pro-pot dude thats smart enough to pretend that the products arnt going to be used for anything other than tobacco.

    give them a good vibe - tell them you work with people well, can get to the root of problems, work well with others, and can carry out tasks by yourself. just dont sound like a textbook though but give them the bullshit they want to hear. you might think they want the truth, but all employers want the bullshit.
    my resume is so big and fancy they think "wow this kid really wants this job" and "this kid put alot of effort into this". - give them a good vibe!
  10. Just start throwing weed facts that nobody knows in his face. If that doesn't work, rape him and steal his wallet.
  11. This, and know the products they sell. Just incase they ask ya know? good luck man.
  12. wear a tuxedo

  13. This.

    and this.

  14. and this :cool:
  15. Also tell them you're a drug dealer and you can increase their sales.

  16. :poke:

  17. ^^

  18. Ask them if they are going to drug test you.

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