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  1. i dont know what it is but i fuckin love this show lol. just watched one with this hoe addicted to duster. seriously why wouldnt you just do whippets, or better yet just smoke a bowl
  2. they never have any cool ones with lsd or xtc its always alcahol but I did like the one with ben the dxm addict
  3. some are good, as in like a funny sense.

    but most of it is just down right depressing

  4. that fucker made my brother think dxm was crackish. i cant see getting hooked on psychs unless you were fucked in the head and had a very addictive personality
  5. DXM is addictive.
  6. yea i know i do it one night then i want to do it the next

  7. never tried it myself. iv just only heard of one case and it was that guy
  8. im startin to think these people are actors. i just watched this part where they filmed a bitch cutting her arms up and shit with a razor. lol you gotta be an asshole director not to stop her
  9. good show but mostly just boozers which is still interesting but too cliche
  10. lol, im watchin the one with the alcoholic firefighter right now.

    i don't think you can make up some of this shit. some of the people just act so crazy, and they even interview their kids and stuff if they have any

    i like the one where the woman who drinks mouthwash all day passes out in the yard and the kid just heelies by and doesnt think anything of it b/c she's always fucked up


  12. lol. those shoes were THE SHIT in middle school. i know their not really actors but its crazy how the filmers can just sit there and watch that all happen. i guess theyd be doing it anyway
  13. My fiancee loves that show. I dont care much for some of them, but a few are about Heroic/coke/pill popping addicts. Some meth and crack addicts here and there, its very interesting to watch. And I remember watching that retarded chick on Duster, she is so fuckin dumb lmao its hard to watch

  14. she was just an enormous dramatic cunt. i wander how many fucking brain cells she lost during her period of using that shit. such an asshole to her family. i hated how she blamed everything on her mom even though she was a bitch at first too
  15. man that one sounds interesting. i love whippits, but could imagine how dumb that girl would seem if shes doing it all the time lol. i start feeling dumber just after like half a case

  16. you can tell the difference. they always get really succesful people with degrees n shit on that show and she was practically a genious. afterwards.....well lets just say she dyed her hair blonde after rehab and it fits her like a glove
  17. I'm addicted to this show.

    I've been looking for the duster episode EVERYWHERE. :confused:
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    i think i might call them to put me on the show for being addicted to chipotle/dank burrito places in general lol

    [ame=""]YouTube - Allison - Intervention - Part 1[/ame]

  19. ROFL. we should make a stoner parody episode :D

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