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  1. Who's watching it? Does anybody else always watch this show when it's on? I find it pretty entertaining (although I know that sounds bad). I've also heard that all the people are just paid actors? Anybody know anything about that?
  2. I would hope not, it seems so real.
    One time I saw this episode of a guy who was not hooked on drugs, but on food. And his family teased him with cupcakes and pastries even though they were in bad health themselves. He went to intervention, lost over 100 pounds, and went back to his family to show him he was a real man, and that his father wasnt.
    I almost cried and called my father to thank him for instilling me methods of exercise and proper eating.
  3. I highly doubt those people are actors, I've seen people boil up their heroin and shoot it up on's fucked actor would be allowed to do that

    It's a show that makes me happy that I'm not seriously addicted to drugs

    It's kind of funny/sad when they show a final caption at the end that's like "Ricky attended the Second Chances Outpatient Facility and got a job at the YMCA. He became severely addicted to crack and relapsed." It's like, thanks for that whole hour accomplishing nothing!
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    Yeah I've seen this episode before. I've actually seen that guy on the street before too, last year in Sacramento.

    edit: the guy who was on at 8pm est.
  5. i love the show it teaches me to stick to green and shrooms and acid :smoke:
  6. Definately a good show, the best episode i think was the guy who was a complete alcy addict, and would get alcohol poisioning like every 2 days, i pretty much broke down and cried for that dude, i felt real sad after watching that episode
  7. i watched the episode about the guy who couldnt stop robotripping, i dont get the channel that show is on though
  8. This show just reiterates how harmless marijuana is.

    I have seen people needing intervention from alcohol, heroin, cocaine, meth, crack, bulemia, prescription pills etc.

    Every once in a while someone on the show will also smoke marijuana, but it is never made a big deal about it. I have NEVER seen someone on intervention for smoking marijuana. I think that really goes to show how it would be very, very hard to have marijuana be a detriment to your life and near impossible for someone to not be able to quit it.
  9. I love watching this show!

    Sometime though when / if you can relate to how the person is feeling it can be way scary. It keeps me reminded to try and keep everything with the green!
  10. Great show. Made me cry once :(

    100% sure they aren't paid actors. They maineline heroin and smoke meth right on camera.
  11. Thats why I was crying that episode, with alcoholic dude, moreso crying with him because he reminded me some much of myself when I was younger, depressed because i felt like I just didn't belong in this world, and wondering how life would be for everyone else if i wasnt born/ wasnt alive, i got over though, and moved on with my life, its all good now
  12. The redheaded counselour on that show used to be the counselour at my school.
  13. Is it just me or is she the worst? I feel like the gay guy (hes obviously not that theres anything wrong with that) is the best. He is up front and tells em whats up.
  14. I'm watching it right now. One of my favorite shows. I think A&E is the best channel on cable. Minus dog the bounty hunter, that ghost show and that stupid hillbilly exterminator show.
  15. Exterminator got his hook from mike row and dirty jobs, the true TV mang.
  16. intervention is definitely one of my favorite shows. usually i find the actual intervention so touching that i start crying! but i'm a sap.. :)
  17. Never seen it before, but will check it out tonight.

    This one's on at midnight est;

    "After a troubled childhood that sent him to juvenile hall for felony arson, Chad's father introduced him to cycling at age 15. Chad went pro and cycled on the same team as Lance Armstrong. But after getting kicked off the team for "personality conflicts," Chad was crushed and turned to drugs. Now homeless, Chad spends his days panhandling, smoking crack, and drinking. His family's many efforts to get him off the streets have failed. Their last hope is an intervention."

  18. Wow!

    The last episode I saw with the girl from NJ I think or NY and she could care less if she was alive or not reminded me of myself some days. Sometimes I enjoy mixing stuff and feeling my heart slow down and just wondering what if... :cool:
  19. its sort of funny cuz.. for the last couple years its sort of been my routine to smoke up and watch new episodes of intervention lol

    it makes me appreciate my life a lot and can be quite the tear jerker... new episode in 20 mins:]

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