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Intervention Bullshit

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Silther, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. My rents used to try to pull this shit off when I was a baby-toker.
  2. #22 Silther, Aug 3, 2011
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    If you're implying that i'm leaving out details which would make me look bad, that's your opinion, and you're entitled to it.
  3. 175$ for half a gram of coke? that's insane.
    and OP, your friends sound shitty. get new ones bro. i have lots of friends that don't smoke weed, and they still love me. anyone tried to give me an intervention, i'd blow smoke in their faces.
  4. #24 I Psyclone I, Aug 3, 2011
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    It seems a lot of people get jelly, sometimes even peanut butter if they see you having a good time when they aren't. Also many people have a good time after blazing, combined, well, see it as how you want, but I'd get new more respectable friends, and they don't have to toke to qualify as a good friend :smoke: But it is nice :smoke::smoke::smoke:
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    Why does everyone say this? That doc doesn't magically change people's minds.
  6. #26 rugbyladosc, Aug 3, 2011
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    We don't do that shit in England

    And the only thing cannabis really damages is your bank balance
  7. Fuck that. I'd just get a new set of friends. Intervention for weed? It's not like you're a heroin addict or some shit.
  8. yes , my ex girlfriend and one of my "boys " tried to get me to quit Toking . They were bugging the shit outta me so I told them I quit and took a week and half break then I returned to smoking but now only in the comfort of my own home with a very specific group .
  9. My first question would be this. Are you a teenager? If so I wouldn't think to much of it man, it happens. Fads and phases are all to common lol. I had some friends do that to me in college, and me and my roommates invited them over one night.

    They absolutely hate marijuana, so just to spite them (because we usually don't smoke when they are over) I light up a fat bowl of some dank in my bong. Cache the bowl in one hit, and hit the wall like 6 feet away with the smoke from that hit lol. At this time they were sitting right next to me, and got all pissy. I told them if they didn't like it "there is the fucking door" .

    People usually get over it. If not, it may be time to find more like minded friends :/
  10. My friend's parents did a serious intervention on him cause they thought weed was destroying his life. I got a text from him around 8 saying "yo I got I got a quarter of dank. Wanna come over?" So I accepted and went over to his house. I knocked and he opens and tells me "Its a intervention, I didn't text you." So I'm thinking wtf intervention?

    Long story short, his parents set up a intervention, got their neighbors involved their daughter got him phone and sent text's about weed to the people on his phone. I tried telling how weed is not bad and can actually help but they thought I was telling to "cover up".
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    that's fucked up , I'd be pissed .
  12. Turn that situation around on them. Are they poppin' pills from Big Pharma? Even if it's just antidepressants, those are still way worse than the plant.

    I recently made the decision to quit my antidepressant. Pristiq to be specific. It was one of the worst experiences ever. It was a 3+ week weaning process and I felt like I was coming off heroin. I was homebound the entire time and constantly dizzy and my thoughts were all mixed up. Read up on SSRI's/SNRI's because not only do they make you physically dependent but some studies show permanent brain damage.
  13. #33 Silther, Aug 3, 2011
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    Well, i'm 19, and they're all 17/18, so yeah, I'd say so. That's why I'm not really all that shocked, just a little bummed out.
  14. #34 Silther, Aug 3, 2011
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    They had me on vyvance from 11-16. they then proceeded to tell me their initial tests were wrong, and I didn't have ADD. They cut me off cold turkey and get this, refused to even SEE me back at their office.

    Three months of vomiting, hallucinations, shakes, fever, and blackouts. Three years later and I still black out occasionaly. I have serious insomnia as a result of that shit too.

    And weed is illegal.
  15. Thats because no one on Earth has "ADD". Doctors and drug companies just indoctrinated people into believing that a inattentive personality is a mental illness so they could profit from selling amphetamines and other stimulants.
  16. "one of them has serial rapist qualities. The kid creeps on women hardcore and plays with their minds, then dumps em and leaves them to pick up the pieces. Then there's the cig fiend, the girlfriend beater, and the ego-driven attention whore." ---

    Sounds like at least a couple of your friends are pretty bad eggs man. Move on
  17. wow.....i just wanna laugh.....hahah ok now to smoke a bowl
  18. thats pretty lame, reminds me of high school when everyone was an expert on the dangers of marihuana

    even my best friend who i toke with everyday, back then i still remember him turning around to look at me in a car mid weed conversation and saying with a smile on his face "man you at least gotta admit, you got a problem" i just said it has to cause a problem to be a problem, and im not broke, im not burnt and im not flunking, so.. wtf is my problem exactly?

    he was refering solely to the amount i was smoking, which by todays standards for me and him arent shit

    as with parents thats kinda funny but only cause i didnt have to deal with it, i could see how that would be lame, my parents just remembered the shitty mexican shwag they grew up with, so my dad said id turn into a burnout and my mom said it would make me sleep all the time, and they were both worried about legalities

    the weird thing is though, now that im nineteen and ive got my card, its legal for me to smoke weed, but its still illegal for me to drink, but i know my parents would prefer i was still going out partying rather then smoking
  19. My "friends" are becoming not my friends at all. They were walking and they said they should smoke, but then added the phrase "non experienced smokers" after that. I'm like what the fuck? And then the "main leader" or some shit of the group says all of these lies about my dealer saying hes gonna give me fake shit and all this shit. It's all been going down from the start. Just gonna smoke with my one real friend until I move :(
  20. Dude your crew sounds like a shitty lot. Fuck them, get some friends that understand what is actually right and wrong.

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