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  1. Has anyone watched this movie?

    The physics were a bit off but other than that the movie was incredibly enticing. The whole theatre was in awe during several scenes.

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    I'm just dying to see this in IMAX , love Christopher Nolan, favorite director for now!​
  3. Looks pretty good. I'll be seeing it soon.

    Gravity on the other hand looked stupid.
  4. Went yesterday, it was awesome, it's movie, so physics can be flawed, but whatever, it was impressive and I enjoyed tremendously 
    Was a bit off* and the calculations were a bit off (meaning it wasn't an error in logic rather than computing like forgetting to cary the one) but not the physics was spot on.
    Indeed it was, but they had some professional astrophysicists do calculations for them.  A astrophysicist professor sent the animation team equations to use for the animations, and in fact (from what I have read) an academic paper will be published because of some breakthroughs or something.  Coming from someone who has read up a lot on physics in hopes to becoming a theoretical physicist, most of the concepts in there aren't far fetched.
  7. I saw it today in IMAX it has become a favorite! I left the theatre with my head hurting in a good way. It fucked my shit up big time. With me being a huge lover of science and over the past year learning and reading about the physics of astronomy it was an amazing experience to see some of the play out onto the big screen. The movie looked very preachy oval and was definitely an experience to be had. It was a thrill to watch from beginning to end!

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  8. I saw a documentary stating they based the foundation of the film from actual astrophysics. So many of the things we saw like you said aren't far from what could be reality! We just haven't gotten that far yet in making those discoveries! It was an amazing revelation to see science displayed on the big screen!

    "Wait! We can't stop here, this is bat country!"- Fear and Loathing
  9. Thirty years condensed into three hours.
  10. Great fucking movie. Haven't seen it sober, but while stoned, it's pretty amazing.
  11. What's the movie about ? In depth
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    In depth..... ill give in brief because it's all you need to know

    Humans fuck earth

    Planet is dying along with all life

    Guy that is the only good pilot left on earth is sent into space to find new earth

    The movie is based on real science and calculations.
    He goes throuhh a wormhole in case that spices it up for you
  13. Overrated
  14. I would say underrated by you
  15. Why did u like it? All the pretty cgi?
    Based on everything they have been talking about, I would say it's the physics that interests them
  17. I love intelligent and cerebral movies that play with your mind.... But I feel it was forced in this movie. There are also loopholes that are not explained and people don't really question them. I feel that there are many movies that are better, but because it is new, has a high rating, and pretty cgi it is trendy to say the movie is great and makes people feel smart for liking it. Perhaps I was left disappointed because it was overhyped and was expecting a cerebral and mind blowing film, but got a cliche cheesy love story.

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