Interstellar vs Martian vs Gravity

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  1. Who has seen all these movies? What did you like about each and why? Which is your favorite?

    Intersellar is my #1 and pretty up there of all time mostly because of that fucking amazing soundtrack and the stunning visuals. Matthew gave an outstanding performance as well, he was the perfect fit for the character. For a sci-fi film, I was impressed with the science they presented in the movie and while most of it is theoretically possible with the exact right equations, there was some Nolanwood thrown in to be sure. All in all just a beautiful movie, and one that gets 4/4 stars for me.

    The Martian is my #2. I've only seen it once so far but daaaaamn did I love the Mars scenery, it was very well done and accurate. Super cool to think about. The science is questionable but again under the right conditions could happen. The initial scene with the storm kind of threw me off, because Mars does not get wind like that - strongest winds on Mars would feel like maybe 15-20mph. But I realize it was just a plot point to get things going. Soundtrack was not as impressive and I thought it was pretty cheesy at times, but a good movie. 3/4 stars.

    Gravity is my #3 but I did not like this movie. I appreciated the beautiful imagery of Earth and space for sure, but found the story (was there one?) pretty boring and lacking in the dialogue department. I did not feel like Clooney and Bullock were the best choices for the leads; the characters felt flat and superficial.


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  2. I only saw Interstellar and Gravity, I'll agree with you that Gravity sucked and I despise the fact that Gravity started this recent trend of space movies.
  3. I'm fine with it having sparked an interest in these types of movies, especially since it spawned Interstellar and Martian :) Wonder which is next...been 1 a year now :p
  4. This would be my order, I liked them all and watched them in order of release too. -

    The Martian


  5. Matt Damon was whack as fuck in interstellar
  6. Merv! Mervvvvvvvvv!
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  8. This should be moved to the big picture section but anyways gravity was pretty boring to me. I liked The Martian and Interstellar though if I had to choose between theme then The Martian.

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