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    im 20 days into a 60 day strain on 12/12, my lights are on from 8PM till 8am, at 6pm all my lights got accidentally turned on during the dark cycle for about 10 to 15 seconds....just 2 hours before they should have come on anyway. ive had the strain for several years now and have never had any issues with hermies but im worried now since the whole room got lit up even though it was only briefly......should i be worried? id rather save the trouble and just cut down and start over if its going to be an issue, any suggestions? im not sure if theyll all hermie or if it will slow down the cycle and i should let it go longer than 60 days or just let it finish the remaining 40 days.
  2. It's hard to say. It's probably ok from what I have heard.
  3. No worries man, I had the same thing happen to me last grow. I bumped the timer and they came on during dark time for about 5 minutes and they turned out just fine and they were fem seeds, which are supposed to be more prone to stressing out and turning hermi ;)
  4. I'm also of the opinion that your plants will not hermie from this.

    and by the way... it's "strain" not "strand"
  5. You should be sweet, there wasn't even enough time for the plants to "wake up" as it were :D
  6. Dude, did the exact same'd it work out? Should I panic?
  7. i noticed this morning that my lights were still on 2 hours after they should have been off, this is the only time this has happened and one of the 2 plants in flower is in 3rd week and one is still in the 2nd week of flowering stretch, i hope this one occurance isnt going to hurt anything????!!!!!! Strain is purple power! Gonna be ok?

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