interrupted light cycle 6 weeks into flower

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  1. Last night I turned my timer off a half hour early (cutting back the light cycle an hour from 13/11 to 12/12) and my timer turned my light on when it was supposed to turn off (half hour of dark later) I was out and did not catch this until a half hour of light later. My plants are feminized and exactly 6 weeks into flowering. So to clarify they had 12.5 hours of light then half hour of dark then half hour of light then a dark cycle of 11 hours.. will this cause them to hermie or should they be okay? I njoticed no real change the next morning in the pistols or overall appearance of the plants so they dont seem stressed.
  2. Be careful... This is the exact way one of my plants hermied last grow. except mine lost an hour of light due to power outtage from a storm. You may be fine but i would def keep my eyes open.
  3. Thanks.. how far into flowering were you? I was hoping with it being so late in that they would be okay but I will keep looking for signs
  4. flowering-wise you should be fine... as long as they get at least 10 hrs darkness they won't return to veg state... but as for hermies there's no way to be sure, lighting issues can cause that...
    as the guy above me said... "just be careful" :D

    just watch the internodes closely, and even if one or two branches hermie on you, that late into flowering it's likely they'll do very little damage since they first have to mature enough to release pollen and also it takes some time for the actual seeds to form:cool:

    good luck :D
  5. 6 weeks into flower? How many does it go? 8? even 10? Don't worry about it. Any seeds you do get...will be very tiny and hollow white. Not really too much of a concern. Go ahead and look it you're a "purist", but I wouldn't sweat it.

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