Interracial Dating

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  1. I have been seeing more interracial couples lately than ever before. It's a beautiful thing in my eyes. Just seems odd that there is so many more out of nowhere.

    Anybody else notice a spike in interracial couples?
  2. Yeah man. It's not out of nowhere but it's definitely a beautiful thing. I love white boys : )
  3. all pussy is pink on the inside
  4. Maybe your just noticing 
  5. What about albino pussy
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    Im white and have been with about every race, quite a few latinos.  Ive discovered that no matter what color girls like white guys the most lol, call it racial but seems true.  but yeah Ive seen a lot of black/white couples lately actually.
    Still pink, no melanin in normal vagina skin.
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    I'm all about interracial dating. being a white guy I tend to for a lil color in my ladies. Don't know why but white girls don't do it for me as someone with a lil favor.

    Actually trying to get this lil chica to be my mamacita at the moment.
  9. I don't see it much around here at all.  Then again I live in possibly the most segregated county in the nation here in Connecticut...Fairfield County. 
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    I don't see what's the controversy about it, just people who live in a backwards society because they don't understand modern romance. 
  11. The spike came after twilight. Call me a conspiracist idgaf.

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  12. Black girls is were its at .
  13. yeah by the white chicks who act black and listen to nothing but rap.
    i dont mind it because if a white girl was down id be all on it. in fact in the past year ive talked to around 3-4 white women.
    its def beautiful but i still much prefer a black woman. love the sistas
  14. Yes I've noticed this to. I'm also guilty of this, I'm starting to like other races.
  15. my boyfriend is white as hell lol.
  16. See if you get the nod from the grandparents. :devious:
  17. I'm Irish, my boyfriend is Filipino.. lived here in Ireland since he was 10 so he's technically Irish/Filipino through neutralization.
    I didn't wake up one morning saying "ah feck it, Irish men are pure shite.. time I find another nationality to date" lol, I just met him at a house party, we got on like a house on fire and three years down the line, we're still all loved up and shit
    We've never experienced any problems from other people about being an interracial couple  :smoke:
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    lol. twee, your irish accent is funny. keep it up.
    i lost my v-card to a mixed girl. half back half white. first serious girlfriend half mexican, have fucked a black girl, now i'm dating a white girl. they are all good.
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    We shall reverse the tower of Babel by lifting the blinders.
    Works for me, I am a heinz 57, wife is Korean and the off springs are pretty cool. :smoke:
  20. I see it some around here but it isn't as common as in a lot of places.  Personally, it's all in what you find attractive.  Everyone is different and everyone has preferences.  It's all about do you find her attractive and is the chemistry there?  So long as one can answer yes to both points I see no problem to be had...except maybe grandparents or older parents disapproval due to their upbringing in the past.

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