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  1. I just got a new laptop in the mail. It says that it can hook up to two wireless networks that it found, however I am unsure of whether or not it's as simple as cliking connect. I know it's my neighbors internet service, would I need to talk to them and get a password? Or can I just simply click connect??
  2. If it's an Unprotected network, then connect away.

    If it's Protected, you're going to need a password and they're probably not going to give it to you unless you know them very well.
  3. Yea just press connect.

    At my house I can get up to 3 connections free. But I do pay for my internet.

  4. OK, thanks for the help. Also, if I were to hook it up to the DSL that is on this computer I'm on now would it be as easy as moving the cable from one computer to the other?
  5. Yea, I have internet here that's paid for...but not wireless. If I could get some wireless from neighbors and use my laptop wherever that would be cool and it wouldn't be like stealing the service and not paying for interent at all.
  6. why dont you just buy a wireless router so you can get yoru own wireless? :D
  7. my shit shows like 20 different wireless connections around my hood and a few of them are unprotected...when my shit jams up i connect to one of those.
  8. my nieghbors and i used to go halvesies on internet...then the cat broke the router (it fell off of his desk broke his bong, and was destroyed by bong water)

    as for connecting to other peoples stuff, if they do not pass go and collect 200 dollars, then i wouldnt...its kinda stealing in my head...

    i would ask em if they want to go half on a super deluxe internet package from your local provider...and get a nice router so you both can work in harmony and pay a little less, but if you dont know them that well, i wouldnt try...

    just get ya own service if you want broadband...
  9. Because that would be a waste of money considering it would only get used this week. Then I'm off to college where wireless is provided. But if I could get it free here for this week I would. But both connects are protected so I don't have access, oh well.

    And as far as it being considered stealing I disagree in a way. It's more of taking advantage of a situation, which still isn't necessarily right but it's not as bad as stealing. I think if my family were to not have any internet and not pay for any at all then it would be a bad idea to hook up to someoneelses. But considering I am paying for internet I would be getting the same exact thing. Just without paying for a wireless router and whatnot.
  10. I get a fairly good connection from my neighbors' places, but they're all keyed... Good thing, 'cause we've got our own wireless here.
  11. You can also hack into it, but that is complicated.
  12. [​IMG]

    They have the Internet on computers now?
  13. Wireless connections are awesome. Its so nice to download gigs worth of movies off someone elses highspeed while i'm hotboxin :) At home I can get on my all my neighbors connections, locked or not (heh). Mines always the fastest though.
  14. As opposed to what other internet not on computers?
  15. ... I think it was a joke.

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