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  1. If a similarly advanced society was living in some far off galaxy somewhere, would they develop/have developed the internet?
    I suppose this could go in the science section too, but I actually started thinking about the internet in context of 'God'.  This sounds weird, but what the Internet does is allows millions or billions of people to communicate from around the world in an instant.  Allowing the sharing of ideas and discussions on these ideas and effectively, one would hope, increasing the human capacity for intelligence.  So this takes some imagination, but what if the entire timespan of human civilization development has been in pursuit of this idea of 'God', but that we didn't even realize it when we found it?  And when we found it we started using it for everything besides it's most influential purpose.  But what it is good for, and what some of the population has began to use it for, is the discussion and transmission of information across huge distances.  Now we are able, and maybe finally willing, to take a look at so much of the damage we have caused, and are still causing, and stop it.  Maybe this idea of 'God' can actually help us to realize, and decide, and then put into action a plan to save the planet and the human species.
    Or maybe not, but would a similarly advanced alien civilization have discovered this same internet?

  2. Wait so...god is the internet? 
  3. Duh (says the fat man while he polishes off a whole bag of Doritos):)
  4. i have no idea how you tie it to religion although i am confident if given enough time any life form roughly on or above our level would figure out something similar to the internet. its basically a synthetic hivemind.
  5. Not the same internet. Our internet is a connection of computers linked to satelites linked backed to internet servers, back to the site host.

    I'm sure they would have something similar, only more advanced. Your idea is captivating however.

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  6. God is not the internet. "God" is the collective conscience and Origin brought forth from singularity. We share the same conscience, tweaked by our own personal experience, behavior and genetics. We observe, each of us taking in 'truth' to archive in the annals of every potential possibility.
    Technology is building a new age Tower of Babel but it is just a tool of curiosity in search of 'truth' in efforts to push us to the next level. As far as the internet goes, for the first time in this egg shell of our existence we have an infinite wealth of information at our finger tips, do not take it for granted.
    As for "God", I highly recommend checking out this video.


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