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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by kerako, May 29, 2009.

  1. right

    i just read something about meeting people on the internet and it made me think

    so im gonna say about 8 girls iv met over myspace / facebook iv shagged,
    and theyv all been like randomers iv not known its weird
    theyl come to my house and wel chill out for abit then go upstairs
    and it happens all the time
    its amazing
    im high as fuck
    but i feel lucky right know
    i live i UK and just smoked a 10bag cone good times :smoking:

    anyone else slept with people theyv met on the internet lol?

    i <3 int3rwebzors :) om nom nom
  2. nah i never gota chick to fuck over the internet but i have fucked a few chicks ata rave that i never met and still dont rember names but is okay since we are all on some sorta drugs
  3. fuck internet girls just go out and meet em... but thats me like i dont mean to offend you cause you get pussy over the internet but i personally dont like that stuff
  4. well yeah im not gona complain if they wana tho

    im shagged a lot more girls iv met in real life than over the internet
    im not sum fucking like myspace kid that live on the internet fuck that shit
    2hours on here aday maybeee

    IRL women FTW
  5. ye i have shaged a phew from the net but most from face to face

  6. Family doesn't count :( Sadly you're at 0 now.

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