Internet Rituals?

Discussion in 'General' started by Mamba Smoke!, May 26, 2010.

  1. Anyone have anything new for me to try?
    I have grown tired and weary of my same routine everyday and the Internet has just simply lost its touch to me.

    Do you guys have anything new and interesting routines for me to try on the Net?

    My internet time consist of:

    Trolling around on JTV
    Posting in the ESPN NBA boards
    Posting here in Grasscity
    Checking Email
    Browsing Craigslist for laughs

    Its gotten very boring!!!
    Anyone got any new ideas for me to pass time on the internet?
    Help is greatly appreciated :)
  2. Browse craigslist for amazing deals, buy them, then re-sell them for higher.

    Also, is a pretty good time waster.
  3. have you seen the pornos? that's good stuff.

  4. Yeah, but that doesnt count because I dont jack off for 4 hours straight.

  6. Doesnt work :(
  7. Why not?
  8. I play spades, and monopoly on pogo.
    If you're interested in urban celeb life - necolebitchie, and concreteloop
    I like to make wish lists on amazon lol..i dunno.
    Watch movies you never heard of on
    European fashion sites are nice to look at....and if you want to plan out outfits....or just toy around with clothes to see what would look good together.

    I guess thats pretty much all I do on the net....and grasscity.
  9. in that case i recommend
  10. Maybe you need to take a break from the internet, not find other pointless things to look at...go outside and meet some real people?
  11. look at videos on youtube...
  12. Hey is pretty cool :)
  13. Reddit. /thread
  14. cracked fo sho also
  16. i forgot to include chill with some friends, smoking some herb.

    Edit: oh shit internet i forgot! (fail...)
  17. Hahaha im guessing most peoples internet rituals on here would be GC-PORNPORNPORNPORN-GC-PORNPORNPORN.

    but seriously, i've been watching a lot of stand up comedy on youtube ha, nothing mainstream, shit i'd never watch usually. some good stuff out there..
  18. Educate yourself, Wikipedia! is funny enough
  19. Answer questions on Yahoo Answers.
    Play iSketch.

  20. Says the guy with near Eight Thousand post. :poke:

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