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Internet radio

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by jungleman420, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. I'm sitting here after smoking a bowl and wanted music but didnt feel like choosing and loading a cd. After a Google search and first link was Pandora radio. It listens to what you want. I wound up creating my own station. Here it is.

  2. Pandora is awesome, almost life changing. :)

    Also check out Songbird to listen to your cd's and mp3's..
  3. Hell yah dude Im listening to it right now. I found it a couple of months back and it seemed like I had stumbled upon a goldmine. Its amazing.
  4. Pandora doesnt work in my country (Canada) for some reason. But I love listening to a thing called its like pandora but it's available in Canada free of charge.
    Internet radio opened my ears to a lot of new sounds.
  5. cool dude, i didn't know of the site.
  6. i love pandora. one of my favorite sites. i got it goin right now.
  7. i had to come back and say i've had it on sinse i came across this thread eariler today. this site does kick ass
  8. is another cool site, you gain XP and level and shit by listening to new music
  9. I stay listening to it weather im building models or packing bowls to playing games.

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