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  1. So i got a web agreement from my internet company today. I was reading it and got to thinking about some of the info i read in it. They state that they can turn you into authorities for "illegal" activities on there web servers. And a few years back my hubby got a phone call from our last internet provider at our last house. They stated that we had downloaded some illegal movies and to remove the program and movie or they'd turn us over to authorities... silly i know only downloaded ONE movie! Anyways i was wondering if anyones services provider had ever said anything to them about searches ect on the interent.... I'm not trying to freak anyone out but i was just curious! They state that they don't "actively" watch what your surfing but they may if they find "illegal" activity. what ya guys think?
  2. -claim someone was on your wifi network, can't be responsibile for strangers' actions
    -find a new company
    -tell provider if your browsing choices are made public, you will notify the local news network said company is not repecting privacy. Bad press is bad for business.
    -smoke another bowl and relax, a lot of people download illegal content. You're a small fish in a pond full of bigger fish

  3. lol i wasn't stressing about it i just wanted to know if anyone had had an issue with there internet provider... I dont worry about the current one we have now i doubt they watch anything anyones doing bc they are lazy and there internet sucks! BUT... i know its a possibility that maybe other might do something..... Just a thought :)
  4. I haven't had any issues. A couple years ago companies were cracking down on users who download torrents of music and movies. That was a different issued and about the industry trying to strike back at illegal downloads. Things have mellowed a bit but who knows. I think you have a better chance of being hit by lightening.
  5. Yeah i think your are right Biff... i was just curious! I've never had any problems except for that silly movie download thing. It would be so difficult i think for them to moniter everyones web searches! But I'm sure they have a universal filter looking for people searching how to make bombs ect... crazy people!

  6. just stay away from terrorist related things if your in the us
    i download everything from torrents and i get the calls alot their just using scare tactics lol because before they'd get me id wipe my drive :p no proof lol
  7. You would get calls about content you downloaded? A lot? If so its probably isp's more worried about people using too much bandwidth than anything else.

  8. ya, like when Skyrim came out last friday i got same day for free, right, after it downloaded got another call saying i had some "suspicoius" downloads and that i should remove them, i said no i don't and moved the file to my external drive unplugged the bitch and they said they couldnt find it anymore hahaha then hung up
    i have fios
  9. That doesn't make sense, isps' don't have access to your file system (hard drives). Thats why you have a router/firewall. They can only track traffic to and from your router.
  10. They knew when we deleted the material we dowloaded off our computer and the program itself off our computer.... I dunno how they do it i'm not computer savy but it was scary enough we haven't dowloaded anything like that again! That was like 4 or 5 years ago so....
  11. I used that line one time..

    "Well I've got WiFi, so it could have been one of the neighbor kids..."

    and also that one about telling the local news network about it, that's pretty smart. Have the name of a reporter from your local news ready, so you can sound very official.
  12. actually i learned in my identity theft class that your still responsible for illegal activity on your network even if you dont do it.
    some older lady we read about got slapped with a $15,000 fine from Universal because some neighbor kid downloaded a movie.
  13. wow thats crazy poor ol' lady :(
  14. That would seem to be invasion of privacy.... I don't think any company has a right to browse your own files on your computer. Unless they embedded the content with their own code to report that its on someones drive.
  15. i've got like 100 of those letters over the years..even got one for skyrim but they never call
  16. Unless your searching for child porn I wouldn't worry. And as for how they know what your downloading : there's a company that gets paid by mpa and riaa to watch popular torrents for ip addresses. They then contact the isp that owns the address and tell them to deal with you downloading or they will send their lawyers.
  17. Download PeerBlock
  18. Are you guys living in the US? I have never heard of that, I am quite surprised that the invasion of privacy. If I got a call from my service provider about something I downloaded and they told me they were waiting for me to delete it I would sue!
  19. What's the peerblck? And yes this is in the US! We used to have Comcast when we had the call before.... It's not very cool infringing upon our rights

  20. How did they do that exactly? They don't use your end of the wire to check your traffic they just check to see who is connected to the tracker that is following the torrent you are downloading. They can do this without legally violating your privacy because the do it outside of your system. If you are illegally downloading copyrighted materials it is the downloader who is already violating the rights of the owner of said material. I don't really give a shit about all that but it is the way it is. If you get a call or letter believe me they have no intentions of doing anything. They are trying to scare you into stopping. I am sure once in a while someone is made an example of but in general it is the policy of most cable companies to just inform you but not to press the issue they same way they have unspoken policies not to generally try and prosecute people for stealing cable. They do occasionally but it usually costs them more to do that then to try and talk you into paying. I use to work for some of these companies. Believe me they are far shadier than those people out here they are pretending to stop...

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