Internet provider illegal service?

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  1. my isp claims that I am only allowed to use my ethernet for one computer, for example, if I unplug the cable from my pc and transfer the connection to another pc or ps3, I can't connect.

    I also have multiple rooms with a hardwired connection, yet can only obtain internet from the guest bedroom.

    they claim it's their policy and that is bullshit!!! I pay way too much for slow bandwidth speeds ($60 month/4 mbs) and get horrible service.

    I can't switch to another provider, I live in a rural area and they are the only company. Am I forced to deal with it or just have no internet altogether? I question if what they are doing is even legal...
  2. Worst case scenario turn one comp into a wifi hotspot for the others.

  3. Yes I know but it's the principal of the thing, not to mention I don't really want to spend the money because they are fucking up
  4. [quote name='"Apu"']Worst case scenario turn one comp into a wifi hotspot for the others.[/quote]

    Yer that's what I do
  5. get a wireless router for cheap from craigslist
  6. Hmm, that's retarded that they only let you plug the ethernet into 1 single mac address :S
    You should be able to have the cable go to whatever you please.
  7. Def I agree, But I know nothing of how your laws work best advice I could give hehe.
  8. can't. I have a desktop, two laptops, an internet hdtv, and a ps3. only 3 of those items can use wifi without buying adaptors. the whole point is I should not have to go out of my way because of their unheard of policy
  9. Its bullshit, but legal.
  10. turn one computer into a "server" it would need 2 ethernet ports. have the internet coming in from one, then "share internet connection" threw the other port. from that port go it a lan switch and serve your whole house.

    but seriously who is your isp they deserve alot of angry emails and telephone calls
  11. You need a router. It is the proper way to do what you are trying to do.
  12. I just assumed he had a router. That's your bad OP lol. My thought was his provider literally stopped extra connections
  13. Sounds like he is just swapping the cable to whichever port he wants to have Internet at that given moment.

    Normally you can just reboot the modem and it will recognize the new MAC address of the device that it is connected to.

    However, it sounds like his ISP does not allow that, probably for security reasons.
  14. Unless you read through all the documentation when you signed up for it and it didn't mention this, it's legal. But it just sounds like you need a router.
  15. What ISP doesn't give a router though?
  16. Yup.

    Some only give the Modem/Router with a single ethernet and usb connection (usually only 1 works at a time).

    OP you need to determine where the junction box (switch) is that send to the other ethernet connections.
    Connect your modem to a router. Let the router use NAT for the other connections.
    connect to the switch from one jack of the router.

    Re-read your TOS. :smoke:
  17. [​IMG]
  18. :rolleyes: No S.

    A Media Access Control address (MAC address).

    OP, whomever you talked to is likely mistaking the difference between operating a publically accessable server. Most (if not all) do not allow that. :smoke:

  19. I think most don't, at least my ISP doesn't. It gave me a modem but not a router.
  20. It is a bit confusing, but your modem is really a router.

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