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  1. Study: Internet Makes Us Happier

    I'd honestly have to agree with this. Without the internet I wouldn't be able to do what I enjoy, which is learning, mostly about psychology and philosophy/spirituality/religion, theres books but I figure out which books are worth buying through the internet haha. Also I'm a rather introverted isolated kind of person, so it gives me a means of communication when I don't feel like being around people.
  2. It also makes us miserable :D

  3. How so? I mean there are endless possibilities on the internet and if you are miserable while using it must be doing something wrong. I find it an amazing way to get my mind off shit that goes, and to learn about stuff I really had no clue about to begin with.
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    Don't be so closeminded!

    If not for the internet:
    1) There'd be more trust in relationships
    2) There'd be better communication between people.
    3) People would be healthier because they'd spend less time on the computer
    4) Internet scams/phishing/viruses, identity fraud, cyberstalkers, cyberbullies, etc.. etc... wouldn't be around to piss us off....

    the list goes on and on.

    You're missing a key word... "also" - Yes the internet can help contribute to a person's happiness... but it also can contribute to a person's misery.

    I can't imagine a lot of things without the internet, because its very helpful, but the truth remains that a lot of information online is false and you have to sift thru a lot of garbage to get to good content most of the time. It DOES make things in life a lot more convenient.... but I hate forming a dependency to the internet... life always seemed better when I didn't have a computer... I seemed to appreciate other things in life more because I wasn't spending all my time staring at a screen :D

  5. Lol well let me try and sift through this post.

    1. If you don't have trust in a relationship the Internet isn't going to help. Trust is trust, the Internet has nothing to do with it, if somebody wants to fuck around or what not they do not need the Internet.

    2. I can semi agree with this, but don't you think the Internet helps people communicate who normally wouldn't? So I guess in a way it gives you better communication, just different than the conventional way of communicating.

    3. I would love to agree with you but again this has nothing to do with the Internet. People were lazy waaaaaaaaaay before this came along. I mean it does give you something to occupy your mind while being lazy but it doesn't change the fact you were like that to begin with. Just like people trying to say weed makes people it just makes it more noticeable.

    4. This is the same thing that goes on in society. Just because the Internet is a new outlet for this kind of thing doesn't mean there are not other forms of these kind of things going on, even way before the Internet came around.

    I get what you are trying to say for the most part but you can't blame the Internet for these thing (though I doubt that was your intent.) As everything in life, new technology is just another way to exploit people.
  6. I think you missed the point of that. If the Internet makes up happy, it can also make us miserable. Two people in a relationship with no internet access probably have a better chance of having a good, honest relationship with minimal feelings of irritation due to there not being a Facebook wall for some guy or gal to leave flirty messages on... no cell phone or email to rummage thru looking for information, etc.. it was a tiny example, but an example nonetheless.

    But I am almost positive that more people find it easier to be dishonest nowadays with the help of the internet

    It does, but it kills meaningful communication. People resort to email and instant messaging which isn't the same as writing a thought-out letter or having a voice or face to face conversation with someone.

    So you honestly think that if the internet never came around, obesity would still be as high as it is in the US? Millions of people spend hours in front of a computer on the internet every single day. Sedentary. These people would probably be doing other things if there was no internet. I don't see the correlation to saying weed makes people lazy. Weed doesn't "make laziness more noticeable". Weed relaxes people... I don't see the point in mentioning that.

    Sure some of these things exist offline, but the sheer volume of incidents that occur online far surpass those that occur offline.

    I don't see why you're being so defensive. I'm sure many will agree that the internet can make us miserable. I'm sure there are blogs about it out there...

    Just saying... gotta present both sides to have a balanced discussion :D
  7. Actually the Internet has nothing to do with trust. I mean honestly if you want to go out and cheat on somebody you do not need the Internet to do so. I mean of course it makes things easier but you can't blame the Internet for that, people shouldn't be with people they don't trust in the first place.

    And obesity? Lol really? Hmmm because there weren't video games and what not before the Internet right? Seriously? Have you traced this back to any other source? My point is, if you are going to be lazy is doesn't matter what you put in front of your face. I could love watching golf all day everyday. Now if I became a fat fuck because of it are you going to blame golf? Fuck no you are not, that is just ludicrous. I believe people need to own up to their own shit rather than blame shit on their own stupidity/ laziness. And bringing weed into this has a whole lot to do with it. If you are not familiar with the lazy stoner stereotype I really don't know how to explain that.

    And I'm not being defensive. It just really bothers me when people look to blame their own choices on something else. For example a kid shoots up a place and blames it on video games. No...FUCK THAT! That is a cop out. Which is kind of what I'm sensing from you, a cop out for people. Everything we have in our life is bad, you don't need the Internet to do anything of the things you stated. I will agree it makes it easier but you can not blame the Internet for a persons actions.
  8. ^ I won't bother with a long reply again, because I think you really missed the point.

    Perhaps I'll word it differently. The internet is capable of making us happy as much as it is capable of making us miserable.

    Truth be told - the internet is just a resource, a source of communication and information. If it can't be the reason for contributing to misery, then it can't possibly be a reason to contribute to happiness.

    If you want to get real technical - other people make other people happy. Because the internet is man-made. None of this data would exist if not for someone publishing it at some point in time.

  9. Lol I think you missed my points. But yeah I guess I can agree with that last point.
  10. I Don't think the "Internet makes you happier" is a truth, as there are many points that can be made that contradict the proposition.

    I think a more truthful statement would be "Access to the internet increases the potential for happiness, as well as the potential for misery".

  11. I'd agree with that statement :D
  12. The internet is AWESOME!!!!!! without the internet there would be no grasscity!

  13. I don't see how that's an "/thread" post.. haha

  14. Forums are nothing more than glorified Electronic forms of Bulletin boards.

    If there was no Internet, discussion like this between users could still take place, just limited to local participants instead of an International community. (which wouldn't be that bad, i hate it when canadians spoil my pickup threads with 'i can buy that cheaper, you got ripped off, lulz")
  15. This thread is full of fail.
  16. I actually just clicked on that link and my brain exploded over this:

    Um... "women and other disadvantaged groups" - WTF?!

  17. I agree.

    I don't see how the OP doesn't understand what your saying.
  18. A great example of one of the ways the internet can be used to make you happy...

    Trolling for the Lulz!


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