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Discussion in 'General' started by notbakedenough, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. Hey GC, I need your help.

    I've recently moved into residence at university. But the problem is I can't get any connection on my torrent program, or on Steam (if you know what that is). I need to know if theres any way around the blocks they have on downloading, and gaming stuff.

    Any help is appreciated...
  2. hmmm...internet security is pretty tight on universities..I'll check it out with some of my buddies. By the way if you dont mind me asking, which uni are you at?
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    Nipissing. Its in North Bay. I can't seem to find any stoners here T_T. Good thing I'm taking psychology, a lot of the students in that field seem all spacey and shit hahah.
  4. Try a proxy.
  5. web based ones dont work. Any idea if there are any downloadable ones that do the job?
  6. Uni's and colleges usually monitor for bandwidth usage, so I think you're SOL for bit torrent.

    Whats happening with steam? are you unable to connect at all? Did you check that the ports were forwarded?

    How are you connecting, right from the wall to your router/switch? Or directly to the computer?
  7. One of my computer nerd friends said UltraSurf was a good program.

    "at school google ultrasurf mediafire and you will get a mediafire download link to ultrasurf, one of the best free proxy software ever."
  8. Are you having connection problems overall or just with torrents and Steam? If it's the former, I'd ask someone from your school (here we have what I think is called the "Get Connected" program where a student helps you get connected to the network during move-in)

    Regardless, go ahead and do yourself a favor and install PeerGuardian2 (if you're not on Vista that is, I don't think Vista supports it) if you plan on doing shit you wouldn't want your school monitoring

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