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  1. So, today is the day congress determines whether this bill is passed or not. :eek:
  2. If it passes I quit life.
  3. so what will it be like if it does pass?
  4. Dose that porn?

    i'm going to die.
  5. I thought today was the first meeting for it? And if it passes, its just one step toward another outrage. I swear, I don't know if the Gov sees it or not, but every time they do stuff like this, they're only asking for it. Asking for the people to be enraged. I seriously think this country will be totally different within a 20-30 year rage if we let the gov take control of us
  6. OCCUPY WASHINGTON!!!! i AM the 99 percent! lol. if this passes though some ish is GOING DOWN
  7. So whats up was it passed?
  8. [quote name='"SotalyTober"']Dose that porn?

    i'm going to die.[/quote]

    Everyone will have to get used to going to stores and buying dvd's again. You'll actually have to PAY for it, the horror.
  9. would take about 30 minutes in VB to make a workaround as far as DNS blocking goes. the republicans creating the bill in the senate are so tech illiterate and the only techies they have on their side are a few small anti-piracy groups who failed previous bills such as protect-ip act and so forth.

    this one won't get too far either
  10. I hope so.. I don't do a whole lot of downloading anyways, but it would be a massive pain in the ass if this whole thing passes and is successful.
  11. SOPA

    Just in case you wanted to see an article about it ^

    :laughing: Okay :rolleyes: So if I download a movie and don't like it, why would I buy it? I am not going to go out and buy a movie I haven't seen. I have both batman's (the newer ones) and have them both on DVD AND Blu-Ray! I have a ton of blu-ray movies. But I saw each movie before I went out and bought it. I am not going to buy some movie I have never watched.

    Am I just crazy??
  12. A lot of people are missing the point about what this will actually do. Sure, you won't be able to torrent things and all that bullshit, I don't really care about that but what really matters is the fact that they would have the power to shut down a website like Facebook or YouTube after just one offence of copyright infringement. So basically unless you created all of the content yourself (or own the rights) you cannot upload it. PROTECT IP Act Breaks the Internet
  13. Are you sure they voted today? I can't find anything about the decision.. anyone got something?
  14. If this shit passes, there will be riots. Possibly a revolution. Our government is asking for it with this one.

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