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    Instead of electing officials to do our bidding, why don't we have an internet based voting system where anybody within a county/state/country boundary can vote on issues if they want to.
    Think about all the possibilities. We could potentially pay a flat tax on income and sales, and abolish unjust property taxes.
    We could vote where we want our taxes spent. Either we could vote collectively where to send it, or we could each donate percentages to different areas. For example, I would have my tax dollars go to schools and roads, while others may put their money in defense and police. How much is spent could all be transparent with graphs and such.
    If something like 9/11 happens we can all vote on how to respond. Updates will be sent via text and votes can be made. That way we don't fight any unpopular war.
    It would be a true democracy, instead of a representative democracy. The reason we have a rep. democracy is because most people don't have the time nor education required to pass legislation. Now with the internet, any citizen who is willing can propose, look into, and vote on bills. It's the only way we can truly govern our own future. If we leave it in the hands of a few we probably won't survive another 100 years.
    The only problem I really see is hacking and corruption. I don't know how to program so I don't know what such a thing would entail. Is the will of the people at the hands of a single programmer?
    On a somewhat related note, I watched a Ted Talk that talks about how we can take more action and demand information from the government. It's becoming much easier now that every thing is digitized and excuses are harder to make. Here's the link if anyone's interested

  2. The bought and sold politicians, campaign finance, and term limits (lack thereof) are the issues.
    How would that be addressed? These corrupt asshats in office could make a complete bastardization of your proposals as well.
    They'd just shovel money to their friends still while saying they are serving the issues and needs you voted for. Kinda like what we have now. Or exactly like it.
  4. Not happening. I love the idea, but the assclowns in office would never allow it. They would actually have to give us what we want.
  5. Good idea, but the current government and big business won't let it happen.

    If politicians agree to do this, then they will lose support (read-money) from corporations backing them because said corporations will no longer be above the law (Monsanto) and won't get enormous tax breaks (Facebook).

    So the politicians won't support it. Money talks.

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  6. It would be a security issue,,how many hackers would set up ghost accounts,,or for that matter,,how many ghost accts would corporations set up to keep their power? Our present system doesn't work now because once elected the legislators are in office they are not held accountable nor for the most part even raked over the coals when they support stuff like the Monsanto Protection Act or the upcoming vote on the UN Small Arms Treaty.
    All it takes is constituent approval before any retiring legislator receives any pension or healthcare and they would start listening better to their constituents,,but good luck on getting them to vote it in,,,there is the trouble,,they refuse to fix themselves or upset the money train.
  7. Do I have an example of people serving in congress for 30+ years? No "links" needed. It's been happening. Look it up.
    Sadly, people don't even educate themselves about the candidates now. (See above and not knowing how long these creeps are serving, for example.) Let alone researching and voting on everything that needs to be addressed in our society. American Idol and The Bachelor are on tonight. Come, now!! There are more important things to do. LOL!
    The President serves the role of chief lobbysist and deal maker between the parties. I'd just as soon get rid of the position now.
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    There should be this place online where people can create a facebook group but have anonymity and agree to have demonstrations, much like the sit-ins of the 60's and Occupy Wall Street. Demonstrations will be slow starting at first, and will focus on small issues, but as these demonstrations gain attention and the credibility of the group rises they can tackle larger and larger problems.
    For example, if a public school requires uniforms, the students should coordinate a rebellion one day where many agree not to wear their uniform. As more rebellions occur over larger and larger injustices, media attention will focus on it. Grasscity could coordinate a smoking demonstration at local capital buildings. Eventually so many people will be apart of this network that everyone could agree to stop paying their taxes at once.
    That's when the network assumes power and begins fresh and starts voting all over. I really can't imagine the mayhem all involved, but I believe that with the power of the internet we need to make this change. It's now or never, because the internet could get regulated like China's. In the U.S. we each owe over $50,000 in debt which is growing, yet people only care about football and other distractions.
    We have the most powerful tool to introduce and share ideas, I believe it's our duty to promote what we believe. AMERICA!
  9. Dude, you better get started making that site.
  10. Well that's why I came here, I don't have the skills to do that.
    Why do I feel such a lack of support? Is my idea too idealistic? Are we happy with how things are going? Are we convinced we don't have enough power to change things ourselves?
    Social security numbers could be used to ensure everyone only has one account
    And it wouldn't be something that gets voted in. An internet-based government would have to replace the government entirely. Easy to do IF we can get everyone to agree not to pay taxes. 
    That would be the first step, to gain support for that. And I believe support can gain support if we expose/spread knowledge of the governments corruption.
    I know many people who see the same issues that I do and go on living their daily lives because "everyone is too stupid" to see the same corruption.
  12. That would be no government. And the way things are going, the government would rather collect information on the voters instead of just letting them vote. So that's not a bad idea.
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    The first thing you would have to do is change the constitution,,the congress is authorized by the the constitution and although congress doesn't always follow the constitution,,they would this time,,which means we have to get the change voted in by the "congress" we want to replace. It will take a revolution or at the least a constitutional convention to ever take power away from the people that already have it.
  14. As long as the government has an internet kill switch it wont happen.
    They already have the camps built....
    and then there is the ammo...
    We can all dream though!
  15. Wouldn't it be amazing if there was a referendum for the country as a whole? Petition to be put on the ballet, where the voters decide kind of like how Colorado and Washington are getting their sweet programs.
  16. I think it's a great long as I get to be in charge of the internet :laughing:
  17. And they wonder why they are called the Internet generation.
    Then we can make Facebook pages for the stuff we want to vote on and them send out all the info over twitter and the we can share it all with Instagram.
    There is a real world out there op from behind that computer monitor.

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