Internet addiction/ this def confirms I am kinda ocd

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  1. I finally have discovered why I am borderline ocd..

    I have an internet addiction... But its not mindless wandering that causes harm (I guess its debatable?).
    In fact, I learn something everyday.. Each day I am getting smarter, because of the internet.. Each day, it changes my life.

    I never would have gone across the U.S. to leave my hometown and go to a very diverse private university. It challenges me mentally like no other.
    Highschool was a joke! I did nothing except sleep in half of my classes, and still get a's and b's! I come to this college and wow.. Everyone is as smart as I am, or like way above my level.. The professors are hard as fuck (I had to re-take a class because the professor failed 60% of the students..D also was counted as a fail); the students are insanely smart and have majors ranging from astrophysics to computer engineering, and are rich (well most of the domestic, and 90% of the foreign);all of their parents are engineers, or have attended college.

    I always feel like the outcast.

    I, from a small town in the middle of no where. From a lower-middle class family. First one in the family to go to college, or ever even think about college.

    But the thing that keeps me going... Is the drive to not fail. I never would have been able to do this with out it. Math problems that take a page to solve, physics problems that take a page and half to solve, and 20 page essays on WWI; no fucking way! I just have this constant urge to not fail.. That once you fail at one thing, its a downward spiral to fail at life.

    I have constant back-up plans for everything also.. Constantly analyzing the situation.. "what would be the perfect thing to say right now?", "What should I do if I get below a 2.6 and lose my scholarship?", "what if my car breaks down, how will I pay for it",etc.

    always thinking, planning, everything that happens has already been processed in my mind previously.
    "What if this happens?"

    Anyway, So that is why I am addicted to the internet.
    I think of questions, or ideas and then research them.

    Even when I was young, I knew that this was a gateway.. to a wealth of knowledge.

    Even my ex told me one thing she really hates about me is that I question everything.. I never take things at face value. If someone tells me something is true, I always look it up later. Constantly trying to filter bad information from going into my mind.

    Is this such a bad thing? To be effecient in learning... Knowledge is the root to being truely happy in life. To get what you most desire...

    Even when I was young, I would always watch the history channel and the discovery channel... Until my family finally got a computer. I was about 11 and had played with them at school, but never had the chance to really "mess" with it. Immediately I was hooked! I read, and read, and registered to everything. I began experimenting with viruses, html, coding, etc. I really wanted to figure this thing out... this portal to the world.

    But overall it really has made me a smarter person. Combined with marijuana's creativeness effect on me... I figure out things to wonder & then research.

    I also have really begun to research in investing.

    What are always the tallest buildings in the city?
    The people that make the most money?
    Investment businesses and banks.

    What do they do? Invest in stock, or currency.

    I began looking into the forex market aka Foreign exchange market (it has alot of nicknames)..
    Now, I restarted my demo accounts to check for accuracy about 3 times so far.

    The first account I took 50 grand and turned it into 90 grand in about a month.
    The second account I took 5 grand to 48 grand in 2 months.
    This last time I started with $5k and ended with $9k in one week.

    Now I want to try $500 dollars and make $10/day. I realized that investing 5k is unrealistic right now.. i dont have the money to do that, and wont have it next semester either. But, I could do $500.

    So I made it lose money, to go all the way to $529 from the $5k initial demo account setup.. and I will see if I can maintain $10/day. That's $70/week, or $280 a month! This would greatly help with bills/pay for ganja. All by making money... off of money.
  2. Daym, sounds like you have it good. Put your mind to use, your a natural critical thinker, be proud. You'll get somewhere in life.
  3. The wisest man asks the most questions. Being inquisitive is a good thing, dont stop.

  4. well, you really veered off course at the end, but I would say that it is absolutely not a bad quality to not take anything at face value, ESPECIALLY in todays bullshit filled world. However, constantly doing that with your loved ones (not believing what they say, constantly fact checking or correcting them) could be a fault. You just gotta use your manners, which it sounds like you're smart enough to have.
  5. Intelligent people can make a killing in Forex and the Market in general. In my opinion, the most difficult part about making money in those avenues is acquiring the capital to invest. I've bought shares of companies trading in the pennies and fractions of pennies for under 500 (I know it's not Forex...I'm waiting a bit to tackle that). The main problem when dealing with low dollar amounts are the fees and commisions that start eating into your profit margin. I'd personally save the $ for now and continue learning, and start playing around when you have a little bit more capital.

  6. I always try to do it in the most polite way as possible.. or if I am unsure, I don't even say anything until I go home and look it up.

    BUT when someone is telling me the cruising altitude for a passenger jet exceeds 600-700MPH (speed of sound), I am going to call bullshit on them (ex-gf tried arguing with me on this)

    Ya I veered of course a little.. I tend to do that a lot.. I just keep replaying what I want to say in my head, and then by the time I actually type it.. I have thought of something else to say..

    I really need a "thought-recorder", I forget lots of ideas if I dont have a pen/paper near by.. ESPECIALLY while high! Because I'm like "ooo I need to remember this... but wait this bed feels soo good...ZZZZZZZZZ" and then I pass out

    FatC0bra - ya I really would like to save up and wait until I have like 5 grand.. but I just cant right now.. and won't be able to for awhile

    But I think the strategy of investing $25 (10 lots of $1000) and then making approx 5-10 dollars a day would be ok..
    And using the other $475 as a "buffer" for the fluctuations in the market..

    We'll see.. I am going to try it a few times in a demo account before I put real money in there.

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