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International Day of Solidarity.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Digit, Jan 29, 2004.

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  1. LOL I love seeing these conspiracy theorists around NYC. They need to get jobs or do something to occupy their time. Its funny how they believe that people give a shit about their protests. Protests don\'t mean shit. Signs don\'t mean shit. There were millions of people all over the world, and quite a few powerful nations protesting our invasion of Iraq. What happened? We did it anyway. Who did something about it? Ummmm, oh yeah thats right, nobody. LOL

  2. well America wouldn\'t be able to inavade anywhere if it\'s people would just stand up and say a very little powerfull word \"NO\".......even the Army,if they think it\'s wrong should just say \"NO\"........what\'s the worst they can do, get the army in to sort you out?

    i\'d rather be that one voice in the masses than one of the cattle that just follows Bush going \"MOOOOOO\".........Peace out.......Sid
  3. I agree. But the majority of the American people don\'t want to say NO. Bush is a puppet. He is just doing what he\'s told.
  4. i don\'t think Bush is a puppet, i think Bush is his own man, and i think that\'s the problem........most other Presidents are told what to do, and voted in on that assumption by he\'s just doing what he wants.........against what the American peoples want, i mean this is the guy who said that he stood for everything that was against peace, yet he still managed to get in!! to the Swedish PM, and he didn\'t realise the microphones were still on!!!!!!!! he wants to take over the world, let him.........Britain has been there and done that........and realised that there isn\'t anything to be\'ll only be hated for it.......and the British empire decided to give back what they took, as they seen their own wrong doing........Britain ploughed millions into all these countries....mainly as an appology, and some are doing better than they would have, since the second language is why not just plough millions into far off countries if they want, and gain some friends??

    the average American doesn\'t know about American foreign they used to Fund Osama, and that the whole problem with Israel and Palestine is the US\'s fault......and that it was them who helped put Madass Hussain into power etc etc etc........the list goes on..........and on and on...........Peace out.......Sid

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