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Intern Wants to Learn

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NewSmoke15, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. I recently got an internship for a new medical marijuana company in the Sacramento area called Nug Run. My boss told me to "do [my] research." So what should I know as an intern who wants to soon become a bud tender?

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  2. You need to/should be able to recommend strains based on their characteristics and flavour profiles...

    This link to Leafly should help you out.

    Welcome to the industry :)
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  3. Thanks! I'm already a little familiar with Leafly, but I'll definitely start using it more.

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  4. Is there any other info someone like myself should know when going into this industry? I'm very interested in the medical marijuana industry, and I want to impress my boss and work my way up in the company.

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  5. Hi again, of course there is more to learn. I have been in this industry in one way or another for over 15 years, and I learn something new every day. There are new strains and breeders, new techniques, new technologies. There is too much for a single person to know.

    So find three areas of the cannabis industry that interest you the most, and focus on those.

    For me that's: Cultivation [The entirety of it (understanding lighting tech, HVAC, commercial farming practices, harvesting techniques and technologies, pests, mediums, water, organics, hydro, aeroponics, etc etc etc, which is an industry on it's own, with new tech and techniques hitting the market every other week it feels like)], Extracts, which are basically completely new to me. I took a break for a few years (back then the most incredible new thing was 'budder') and now there are vape pen extracts, shatter, etc etc I don't even know what they all are yet, and Cuisine.

    So try to identify 'market segments' of the cannabis industry, and focus on a few that interest you more than others. This will allow you to specialize and gather valuable, in-depth knowledge on a few key subjects rather than giving you a general overview of the cannabis industry as a whole.
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  6. You should start by checking out your employers website. See what products they carry. Check terpene and flavor profiles of the flowers they carry. What are the effects of each. I went onto their site and it shouldn't take you more than an hour or two to cover their whole menu. Spend some time in the "About Us" section and learn about the companies mission. Their business plan and any charitable organizations they are involved with are also points to study up on.
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  7. You lucky bastards!!!!
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  8. =D My employer is my best friend's cousin so I got the job super easily. (My interview was an evaluation of how well I could roll a joint and how interested I was.)

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  9. Shoot give me a job lol ill move in a heartbeat to work in the cannabis industry lol

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