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  1. by Bob Newland,

    South Dakota

    There's more good information about cannabis on the Internet than just about any other subject. Simply inquire "hemp," "cannabis," or "marijuana" on any search engine. For a tragic laugh, see what the major disseminators of misinformation, the Office of National Drug Control Policy ( ONDCP ) and the Parents for a Drug-Free America ( whose largest funder is Anheuser-Busch ) have to say on the subject.

    I didnt know the beer companies were in to stop cannibus prohibition too that actually suprized me that their that scared people will stop drinking beer
  2. But beer and pot go together. I love them both!
  3. not for me they don't, dedhead. The clue is in the pic in my signature!!!
  4. yeah... weed + beer = puke
  5. it's sure easier to drink alcohol when ya got drymouth
  6. that buzz, when you've thrown a few back and smoked a couple joints, is pretty rockin'.
    i'm not a huge drinker, but i do appreciate bud & beer together. i think one of the reasons they're trying to push legalization of marijuana is so they can jump the corporate bandwagon and sell marijuana cigarettes.

    however i thought it was marlboro who already has a patented marijuana cigarette name/box?? my memory isn't workin too hard today so i'll stop trying to remember stuff now
  7. it's all about the $ baby...nothing else matters.


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