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  1. A little morbid, but its an interesting topic to me.

    ive always wondered about people who jump off skyscrapers. Theyve got like a minute and a half of airtime before they splat. What would you think about for the last 1:30 of your life when you know its over? Seems profound to me.

    And those fellows who light themselves on fire. Or are lit on fire by others. I bet you could cause some serious panic on a busy city block, while engulfed in flames. I wonder how far I would make it in a full sprint if I were on fire.

    and i was watching some freak accident on TV the other day. Thats always intrigued me, the idea that some putz is sitting at home clipping his toenails and KABLAM! Some freak accident occurs and he's decapitated. It's surreal to me that one second, nothing's out of the ordinary- and the next, you're dead.

    I think car crashes have more potential than we've seen put to use, too. I mean, yeah, whenever a car crashes it's devastating, especially if there's a death. But next time you get in your car, just hold the wheel, rev the engine a little bit, AND THINK OF THE FUCKING CHAOS YOU COULD CAUSE. HOLY JUMPING FUCKING JESUS. The possibilities are limitless.

    Well, there's that. anyone else a twisted, sadistic, maniacal fuck?

  2. Oh the car. I get genuinley frightened with myself when I realize that. That applies to any individual behind the wheel.

    I have thought about the skyscraper scenario more times than I can care to remember, though. I would probably get naked on the way down.

    I've always thought it would be funny to get a really good angel get-up going (like the ones from Dogma), and jump out of a skydiving plane with no parachute.. or maybe from the top of a building into a crowded place like Metropolitan New York.
  3. Hah, the car thing. I always think about that when I'm driving down a busy street- - funny how imagination works =\.

    Have you read 'The 120 Days of Sodom' Predator?
  4. i really dont have anything to contribute to this thread except a link.

    many, many, many stories of interesting/idiotic deaths.. i even find myself laughing at a few. you gotta wonder what some of these people were thinking.. :laughing:
  5. Yes, most definitely. I too have thought of the skyscraper drop down time, that would kinda suck.

    Yeah, behind a wheel the chaos you can cause is only limited by your vehicle being immobilized by the collision. If you're careful, you might get a couple good ones in before she breaks down!
  6. im not getting in the same car with you guy...

    but yea jumping off a plane with huge fucking headphones strapped to your head listening to a real good song maybe naked maybe high seems interesting
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    flesh wound deaths seem like a hell of a rush, say someone took a box cutter, stabbed it into the top left of your stomach, pulled down and then over to the right so all your intestines fall out (the ways samurai committed honorable suicide, cant think of the japanese word for it)

    it wouldnt kill you right away, but it would give you one hell of a rush from adrenaline/endorphins while you wait to die, cuz ur not gonna survive that... that feeling you get when you know you might get really hurt and you can see it coming, i cant think of a good example of when it happens, but its like everything slows down, like say when you crash on a bike or somethin, that except amplified 10 fold, i suppose it'd prolly be too intense and cause you to go into shock, i wonder what going into shock feels like

    dxm overdoses are a rather interesting feeling, expecting to die at any minute but not knowing if your really going to die or not, in my case i did for a little bit... well in my case i thought i was gonna die prolly at least 100 times, i took it to extremes

    getting shot in the head with something like a 9mm, you think its instant death, and perhaps it would cause your vitals to stop working instantly, but your entire brain wouldnt be destroyed so there would still be some amount of consciousness left

    you cant possibly imagine what that feels like, but i'm pretty sure i can cuz of an experience i had with weed and ether, it was like my consciousness reduced to that of a half dead animal, kinda like being inside your brain, its impossible to explain but that experience was truly profound

    a lethal ether overdose would be fucking insane, its terrifying really just to almost OD, but yet such an incredible psychedelic experience

    drugs have really unlocked alot of shit i cant put into words about how the brain functions
  8. thats just fucking brutal.

  9. sepuku.
  10. the guy above me got it

    kamakaze isnt an honorable suicide for doing wrong, its a suicide attack

    if a samurai disobeyed any of the samurai code he would kill himself via disembowment, now thats fucking honor
  11. A sick one I've discussed with buddies:

    Tying someone down and drilling their kneecaps with a power drill. Then a drill to the skull.

    Imagine the vibrating sensation tearing through the skull

    ow, man....
  12. The old classic tie each pair of limbs to 2 horses and have them run into opposite directions effectively tearing your limbs off.
  13. Sounds more effective with cars..
  14. brutal stuff, and thanks gonemadwitmary for the link, pretty entertaining.

  15. I'm glad I'm not the only deranged blade :devious:

    I haven't read it, but a google search is imminent.
  16. If I were to be put to death I would prefer to have a very brutal, and messy one.

    I'm thinking something along the lines of being hung upside down for several hours so all the blood in my body rushes to my head. Then I would have someone take a battle axe to my neck and decapitate me so all the blood GUSHES out at once. That'd be cool.

    I'm baked :smoking:

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