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    Another small step in the right direction.

  2. EXPANSION of our too-large legal system is NOT a step in the right direction. So ripe for abuses.
    NO details there. How could anyone make an ascertation that this is a "step in the right direction?"
    His "shift" in policy means he's getting a cut. They all change their tune when that happens.
  3. Come on floating. You are asking the kids to think for them selfs a bit and that hurts.
  4. "what I can do is start us on policies that can start us on the road towards decriminalization" by introducing alternative "drug courts" that offer treatment and softer penalties for minor offenses" Perry said.
    Alrighty - a start on policies that can start towards decriminalization.   That's 20 tons of bullshit 20 years too late and it's an insult to the people of Texas.
  5. I learned to learn by learning to not learn what I was being taught.

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