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  1. This is from an E-Mail convo im having with my friend while we're at work lol Enjoy, its trippy:eek:

    Me: i dont think we have a creator, i think our "gods" have a physical body but they were so tecnologically advanced that to us it would seem they can do anything. In the tiny islands of the Pacific during WW2, American forces setup bases and landing strips on them, the indiginous people had never seen aircraft before. And the American forces provided them with food and medicine until they left at the end of the war. The people created a religion based on the flying machines and they build mock wooden airplanes on the beaches and pray to it that it sends them food and medicine like before. I think this is an example of what happened to us but with extra terrestrials instead of a different country.

    Him: I heard about that ww2 story too and yeah I think your theory is a very real possibility too. But then I would ask who or what created them? And the only only answer i've heard of or thought of that makes sense to me is what I said in the other email. So yeah maybe your theory is true and maybe mine is too. maybe the beings I think created us really created some other species and that species then created us. So basicly I think we could both be right. But in the WW2 example we obviously did not create the indigionus people. Physicaly we are equals, so maybe thats where our religion came from... Contact with humans who are very technologicaly advanced and they don't pay much attention to our little out of the way island called earth. That would be wild.

    Me: Yeah it would, I think the explanation that the "gods" created the earth and our species (if the extra terretrial theory is true) is our way to explain the unknown. We don't know how we got here and if these beings can give us so much tecnology and building tecniques etc. then why is it so far fetched to believe that they created us. Im not saying they did im saying i can understand how early humans would think this. I mean here we are with stones as tools and along come these beings from the sky doing things previously thought impossible of course we are going to think they can do anything because we were not shown otherwise.

    Another theory i thought of is that one of those same beings called himself God and told us we were to worship him. That could explain why people heard God tell them things, maybe he was telekinetic, or some technology allowed him to be. It would also explain why the second commandment says: "You shall not make for yourself any carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; you shall not bow down to them nor serve them. For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate me, but showing mercy to thousands, to those who love Me and keep My commandments."

    This tells me that God was a bodily being because only they would have an emotion like jealousy or rage. So basically what im saying is some alien being could have created this religion then left us with the promise of him sending his son to us. Maybe he was geting too old to travel? The bible says God looks like an old man. And maybe he did try to send his son to us but he never got here or he didnt want to go and so now we're stuck here to figure things out on our own.

    Thats all we have so far. Ill post the rest when i get it. So what do you think about these theories, Grass City?
  2. Me and my friends talk about this kind of stuff all of time, although I have never tied it into Christianity so much.

    The only reason I don't like that idea is because religion was around before Christianity, and I find it hard to believe that every different religion is based off of the same being or beings appearing on our planet to help us out. It also doesn't explain spirituality, it just explains what "God" is.

    Religion to me is a way to define yourself, not a way to define a god. I feel as though all of these questions about how things happen could eventually be answered through science. Spirituality on the other hand may not be able to be explained through science, and even if it can I have my doubts about it being widely accepted.
  3. I would not doubt the existence of life beyond our planet, however given the vast distance that other life would have to travel to reach us, i doubt that our religions would be based upon them. Even so, their existence begs an explanation for their existence, their creator. I would argue that our religions are based upon our need to explain the world around us and ourselves.
  4. That we were put here by extraterrestrials is an interesting theory and makes good science fiction movies, but do we have any evidence whatsoever that extraterrestrials even exist? To say that because of the vast number of planets in the universe that extraterrestrial life probably exists is to me not a convincing argument - perhaps our existence is just as improbable as all the universal conditions that are "just so" to support life on this planet?
  5. Alien conspiracies /=/ religion imo. It is basically impossible (mathematically speaking) for us to ever, in the entire history of earth, even get a signal from another form of life. If they sent a signal to us at light speed, it would most likely take around a trillion years to get here, and it is quite impossible for any life form to ever reach earth, as they would be dead a trillion years before they got here.

    However, edward, a thinktank once considered the odds of other intelligent life in the known universe (which may very well be a grain of sand on the beach of the whole universe) and it was about 800%. There are billions of galaxies that we can observe, and billions of stars in each, with a bunch of planets to each of those. The odds of life happening I think are pretty high.
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    I don't see how probability can be multiplied because of the vast number of planets in the universe since there is no series from which to derive mathematical probability, but rather only an exceptional singularity (us). Forgive the ambiguous descriptors, but I'm kind of at a loss here to describe exactly what I'm getting at... nevertheless, the empirical evidence is the only thing that should be used when talking about the existence of physical beings. As such, there have been 0 forms of intelligent life found thus far, meaning that all probability, necessarily being multiplied by 0, can just as easily arrive at a 0% probably of extraterrestrial life.
  7. Returning to the original topic,

    I think your theory is just as good as mine, in all probability. When I ponder God, I always imagine him as the initiator of the first ever "event" that lead to the development of the universe through physical principles. That event set up the properties of matter, and the behavior of matter begot the developed universe we now know. Through Occam's razor, eventually I reduced God's influence on things to be the phenomenon we call the property of randomness and its accompanying property known as probability. But how did the property of randomness arise? Through a selection of possibilities that chose randomness at random? Eventually the existence of randomness must be self-justified indefinitely. There's no logical way out of the problem of knowing the existence of God, his nature, purpose, etc.

    I say, whether or not God really exists, what surrounds me is a beautiful universe of wonderful things that are absolutely mind-blowing. Just looking at how far the universe has come to arrive at a time period where human life and the astounding properties of consciousness are extant. Our minds have very complicated desires, you know. How complex must be the neuron network that leads to the overwhelming desire of man to know the nature of his own existence! Learning about the unity of the universe that science demonstrates is enough to keep me and my far reaching progeny and their societies busy for a long time. There's so much in the universe that we do not understand or know, that is fascinating to wonder about things. To me, there's enough complexity to forever fulfill my desire to know things. Whether that's God's doing or not does not change the fact that the universe is the way that it currently is. If you want to know who God is, you should look at the evidence in the universe.
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    remember tho 1000's of yeards ago everything in the universe was closer together so mabye back then something could make it.

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